Castration for Christ

Out of Ur recently came across a pamphlet advocating castration. They had this to say:
Apart from wrestling with the best way to handle the growing epidemic of sexual immorality within the church, Mr. Cheney’s pamphlet should make us stop and think once again about the ramifications of our hermeneutical approach to Scripture.
And here's one of the quotations from that pamphlet:
"There is only one way to be sure of permanently eliminating the sex drive and guaranteeing the purity of our priesthood, and that is to remove the source of the hormone which causes it and the aggressive instinct which is its cohort…. Removal of the testes for the purification of the priesthood is not some new idea or experimental notion; it has been used for millennia. The history of this means of assuring purity is still traceable in spite of the suppression of information on the practice since the First Nicaean Council in 325 A.D."
One of the weirder sermons I've ever heard involved the pastor hesitantly preaching that although he personally didn't think it was for him we shouldn't automatically rule out castration as a means towards achieving sexual purity just because it sounded crazy.


Alternate title: Eunuchs for Evangelism

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It sort of goes without saying that we’re talking about men only, here. Advocating female castration would be in poor taste these days.

I think this is a terrible idea. Find someone to marry, jeez.

Sorry, but I think that idea is just nuts!

Are you kidding me? Why would you even post this? This is abdication, not responsibility. Like the hippie who espouses poverty as some great virtue instead of realizing that wealth can be a tool if utilized correctly. This position undermines the specific masculine image of God in Man, the Divine Edict to be fruitful and multiply which was never rescinded, and establishes a horrible hermeneutic! Did Jesus employ similitudes? Yes. Did He use hyperbole to make a point about the wickedness and danger of sin? Yes. Let us not follow in the footsteps of Origen here, or even suggest that it may be reasonable to do so.

Wow, I guess THAT breathes new life into Matthew 5:29, eh?

Isn’t it amazing what people will do to avoid self-control and personal responsibility?  In this age of popping a pill for everything from being too hyper to not being hyper enough… of going through “a simple procedure” to “fix” one’s look (rather than learning to be content) or to “fix” one’s weight (rather than putting down that fourth slice of pizza)... I guess castration-as-self-control is not really that far off.

I’m no fan of Origen, nor of the Council of Nicea, nor of the Emperor Constantine, and I too think this is a terrible idea. But it IS the ultimate consistent expression of the notion that the flesh is inherently sinful, and it is true that priesthood has, in some past times and cultures, been associated with such extreme measures. On this one, I’ll go with adapting my faith to the culture I’m familiar with.

Why did GOD give us free will?  He gave it to us because He wanted us to decide for ourselves on whether or not to serve Him in and around every facet of our lives.  All castration does is physiologically bring a man under the control of chemical imbalances.  Further more there is no proof that by removing the testes the sex drive is diminished.  I’ve had dogs that were castrated and still desired to mount anything in sight if the urge hit them.  This is just another trick of the enemy to aliennate us further from spiritual truths.  God is a spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

You hit the nail on the Head my friend.

The whole idea wreaks of Gnosticism.  This body is evil, our spirit is good.  Sexuality is of God.  God made it.  God wants us to use it.  It’s just that he wants us to use it in the right way.  To suggest giving a gift of God right back to Him without using it seems, at best, disrespectful and unappreciative.

I’ll just echo the rest and say get married, get self-control. Good grief. God doesn’t expect us to remain celibate he expects us to be men of God and this often requires a few changes in certain areas of our lives. It’s little wonder that the world looks at us and shakes it’s head with this sort of stuff being said. Any one who suggest I do it I’ll be saying “You first”

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