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How a stadium convinced me to like baseball

I don’t usually like baseball. Living in Pittsburgh probably hasn’t helped, considering the Pittsburgh Pirates only recently ended their record-setting streak of consecutive losing seasons. Still, I have been to a few games at PNC Park, home of the Pirates, and it is the stadium itself that has won me…  [more]

Norway’s ‘memory wound’ and our calling to remember

A dramatic memorial is planned to commemorate the massacre of 77 people at Utoya Island in Norway, the scene of Anders Breivik’s rampage in 2011. The memorial, being referred to as a “memory wound,” is to be a constructed gap that slices through the island. The design plans are jarring,…  [more]

How art museums can be holy

When I was in fifth grade, a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago changed my life - or, my faith. It was the first time I sensed a building - outside of a church - as holy. Though I’ve never progressed beyond my first-grade ability to draw or…  [more]

Declarations of love, even on death row

“For love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.” Solomon’s poetic words came to mind as I viewed a work of digital art created by Darius Kazemi. Recently featured in The Atlantic, the piece consists of a black screen, against which white text fades in and…  [more]

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