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Deity as commodity in Foreign Gods, Inc.

Okey Ndibe’s novel Foreign Gods, Inc. is the tragicomic journey of a New York cabdriver named Ike - a Nigerian immigrant desperate for wealth and willing to steal and sell his home village’s war deity statue in order to get it. Ike’s plan is risky, reckless and culturally disrespectful; it…  [more]

TC at the Festival of Faith and Writing

Perusing photos from last year’s Festival of Faith and Writing on the event’s Facebook page, I noticed something strange: no one had a jacket on, and the ground was green. The festival will be held April 10 to 12 at Calvin College, and the prospect of experiencing a Michigan spring,…  [more]

Wes Anderson, Michael Chabon and putting the pieces back together

One of the Christmas gifts I received this year was the massive book The Wes Anderson Collection, a compilation of essays, interviews and photographs about the director’s work. I dove in to delight in movies like last year’s Moonrise Kingdom, but was surprised to encounter an introductory essay that beautifully…  [more]

The image-bearing equality of Ender’s Game

One of the recurring themes throughout Ender’s Game and the other books in Orson Scott Card’s series has to do with the misunderstandings that inevitably arise out of the complications of communication. It is hard enough to understand our fellow human beings, but when interacting with alien species, the prospects…  [more]

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