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Adele and Advent: worth the wait

If you’ve been following me on social media the past few weeks, then you know how much I adore Adele. I have been counting down to last Friday’s release of her new album, 25, and have now spent this past weekend listening to it on repeat. The anticipation was due not only to her amazing talent, but to the four-year hiatus since her last album, 21. 25 is on track to be a record-breaking album, projected…  [more]

Lent devotionals offered by TC sister ministry

Some of you are aware that TC has a sister ministry of daily devotionals called Today. If this is news to you, now is a good time to get to know the program, as Today is offering a special series of devotions to guide you through the season of Lent. Called Focus on the Cross and beginning on Ash Wednesday, the series is designed to help you concentrate on the depth, beauty and mystery of the death and…  [more]

Christmastime’s generic call to “believe”

If you’ve been anywhere near a radio or retailer this Christmas, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the lines from the ubiquitous Josh Groban song “Believe”: “We were dreamers not so long ago / But one by one we all had to grow up / When it seems the magic's slipped away / We find it all again on Christmas day.” This expresses well a prevalent theme of many Christmas…  [more]

A Gospel guide to Christmas shopping

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and the early returns show a significant uptick in online purchases on Cyber Monday. For many, the days leading up to and following Thanksgiving are filled with alerts, newsletters, Tweets and Facebook posts highlighting the latest and greatest deals. Many sites offer tips about how to maximize your shopping experience through a variety of strategies. Most of us shop at…  [more]

Ayahuasca and the high of Easter

In the jungles of Peru lies a concoction of vines and other plants that has caught the curiosity of spiritual seekers across the globe. The mixture, known as ayahuasca, is a hallucinogen that is consumed by drinking a thick sludge. Traditionally shamans are present to accompany the seeker in their quest for healing and enlightenment, as the concoction produces not only visions but also severe vomiting. Magazines…  [more]

How resurrection shakes things up (on ABC and elsewhere)

In ABC's new drama Resurrection, there is something more troubling than the bodily resurrections taking place in Arcadia, Mo. Even more disturbing are the long-buried secrets the resurrected have brought back with them. Every scene of the show, it seems, brings with it another bit of the past that almost everyone hoped was gone. Many of the characters are trying to control others and preserve their power, and…  [more]

Good Friday: when normcore went hardcore

I first noticed the stonewashed jeans returning to clothing stores this past February. While out for coffee with a friend I asked, “Are the ’90s making a fashion comeback?” I wasn’t too far off. Stonewashed jeans, plain white T-shirts, fleece jackets and non-brand name items were becoming the “it” materials of a new fashion trend. What was going on in my fashion-forward,…  [more]

Lent’s reminder that we’re all wolves of Wall Street

When I was first introduced to the practice of Lent, I thought that six weeks of pre-Easter penance seemed a bit much. Why spend so much time thinking about and repenting for all of my sins?  This week, however, Jordan Belfort - the real-life Wolf of Wall Street - taught me a lesson about the nature of sin and reminded me why six weeks of Lent may be very necessary. In an interview with The Globe and…  [more]

Christmas hope for a hurting world

This is the final installment in Advent All Around, a Think Christian series that sees reflections of Advent in the culture at large. This Christmas I’m thinking of all those around the world who are in vulnerable positions and are calling on the hope of Christ to sustain them. Jesus said that blessings are upon the meek, the poor and those who mourn. I believe Jesus is calling us to be a blessing today to the…  [more]

Advent All Around: Mary, Beyonce and the blessings of a baby

This is the fourth installment in Advent All Around, a Think Christian series that sees reflections of Advent in the culture at large. When Beyonce’s self-titled album was released last week, it caught all of the world by surprise. There was no countdown to the big release; it was a welcomed and unexpected gift to her fans. I found myself sleepily downloading the album at the early hours of the morning before…  [more]

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