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What science gets right - and wrong - about love

In an Atlantic piece provocatively titled “There’s No Such Thing as Everlasting Love (According to Science),” researcher Barbara Fredrickson is cited as suggesting that love is neither a “long-lasting, continually present emotion that sustains a marriage” nor “the yearning and passion that characterizes young love.” Instead, it is what Fredrickson…  [more]

Meeting singleness with sorrow and grace

As I reflect on romance, marriage and the future, I find myself camping out somewhere between grace and sorrow. Sometimes grace is more prevalent than sorrow; other times, sorrow is more prevalent than grace. I'm not without normal human emotions, thoughts and feelings just because I have a physical disability…  [more]

Valentine’s Day dinner deals and true romance

While dining at a local Italian restaurant with my 10-year-old daughter, she read an ad for an upcoming Valentine’s Day special, which sounded like serious romance to her. “You and Dad should come here for that,” she sagely advised. I told her that we didn’t usually do a lot for…  [more]

Rules, purity and the wilderness of sexuality

Editor's note: This is excerpted from Amy Frykholm's new book, "See Me Naked: Stories of Sexual Exile in American Christianity." Christians love to give each other advice on sexuality. If you wander into any Christian bookstore or peruse Christian magazines, you’ll find lots of such advice. Likewise, the Internet is…  [more]

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