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Why ‘teaching religion’ will only take students so far

A recent article in The Atlantic by Marshall Poe suggests that religion should be taught in secular universities. What makes this article fascinating is that Poe, a former history professor, is not religious but a “confirmed atheist.” Furthermore, he is advocating for religious leaders (priests, imams and rabbis) to teach…  [more]

When religious rights get in the way of shalom

A recent controversy at York University in Toronto, where I serve as campus minister, has pitted religious rights against human rights, but lost in the debate is an even greater ideal: shalom. Sociology professor J. Paul Grayson received an unusual request from a student in his online course asking to…  [more]

How math illumines our infinite God

This is the time of year when anxious North American educators and policy makers get to do their math. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has just released its 2012 student survey results - which largely focus on a 15-year-old’s understanding of mathematics, reading and science - and the…  [more]

The myth of lucrative college majors

There’s a strong tendency today to value things in merely measurable terms: prices, costs and paychecks. Consider the attention surrounding a Georgetown University economist’s report ranking the most and least lucrative college majors. If college is simply about maximizing future income, then I suppose it makes good sense to take…  [more]

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