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Al Feldstein and the laughable legacy of Mad magazine

After the recent death of Al Feldstein, the former editor of Mad magazine, many commentators traced the roots of cultural icons like Saturday Night Live, The Onion and The Simpsons to his satirical style and skeptical skewering. For me, it was an opportunity to consider why his sense of humor…  [more]

New life for Dark Dungeons

Remember when the greatest threat to Christianity was a weird game that let nerds pretend to be elves and wizards in their parents' basements? The year was 1984, the "Satanic panic" was in full swing and nothing exemplified evangelical Christianity's bizarre relationship to popular culture better than Jack Chick's infamous…  [more]

How Christians go to the movies

Barna Group recently released an intriguing study on the 2013 moviegoing habits of Americans in general and Christians in particular. While some of the findings weren’t surprising (we love our sequels), others revealed new details about the way believers interact with Hollywood. According to Barna’s report, on average Americans saw…  [more]

Chelcie Ross on being a Christian in Hollywood

Last week, I had the pleasure of being part of a Christ & Culture event at Christ Church of Oak Brook alongside veteran character actor Chelcie Ross. Ross spoke about his experiences as an open Christian in Hollywood and how his faith has not hampered his steady, 37-year career. “A…  [more]

The cultural bankruptcy of American bull running

In case you missed it, two European-style bull runs took place recently in the United States, open to anyone who wanted to take a chance being trampled by a 1,500-pound animal. The idea is pure foolishness, and not only because it involves risk of physical harm. Tradition has it that…  [more]

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