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Planting pines, praying for peace

When someone mentioned the benefits of white pines recently at an ecological design course I was taking in California, my ears perked up. I’d just coordinated the purchase of 100 white pine seedlings before I departed home, to be planted along the road at the retreat center where I work,…  [more]

Burnt offerings and incinerated ivory

Hong Kong is in the midst of incinerating 29.6 tons of confiscated ivory, a process that could take a year or more, according to National Geographic. The move is part of a global attitude shift toward the killing of animals for their tusks and also, it seems, a striking parallel…  [more]

Chimps are people too?

If there’s one thing we take for granted, it’s that we know what a person is. Persons are persons, and no need to apologize for the tautology, or for the feeling of redundancy that accompanies the phrase “human person.” Really? Human persons? Are there any other kinds? But the law…  [more]

Detroit’s urban forest and giving way to the garden

A recent Atlantic article highlighted an effort by Hantz Farms to turn blighted and abandoned property in Detroit into an urban forest. Although some worry that this project is merely an attempt to drive up property values, the company notes that it plans to explore options that include using the…  [more]

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