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Detroit’s urban forest and giving way to the garden

A recent Atlantic article highlighted an effort by Hantz Farms to turn blighted and abandoned property in Detroit into an urban forest. Although some worry that this project is merely an attempt to drive up property values, the company notes that it plans to explore options that include using the…  [more]

Pit bulls and creation care

Last month, in response to a petition signed by tens of thousands of dog fans, the Obama Administration released a statement condemning breed-specific legislation. The move particularly set pit bull lovers’ tails a-waggin’. Breed-specific legislation makes owning a pit pull (or Rottweiler, German shepherd, chow chow or Doberman) illegal in…  [more]

My afternoon with Wendell Berry

Sunday, Aug. 11, 4 p.m. – Gracing the front porch of Wendell Berry’s farmhouse outside Port Royal, Ky., two traveling companions and I enjoy a glass of ice water with the legendary writer. How we ended up there is a tale in itself. Back-and-forth correspondence with Wendell over the summer.…  [more]

Saying no to SeaWorld

It has been a long time - three decades if my memory serves me right - since I last visited SeaWorld. I don’t remember feeling ambivalent about the confined spaces or manipulative treatment of the orcas, dolphins and porpoises on display. I simply accepted that this was a marine mammal…  [more]

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