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Crime prevention and Christian witness

Crowd-sourcing is everywhere nowadays. From Kickstarter projects to asking your friends on Facebook for music advice, this method of leveraging the collective, creative power of the community can be applied to just about any problem you can think of. Apparently this even includes crime prevention. Well, sort of. According to…  [more]

Should Peyton Manning be more of an uber-Christian?

As a long-time Denver Broncos fan, there’s been nothing more exciting than watching Peyton Manning take command on the football field this season. It’s especially fun when you consider where the men in orange and blue were just a few years ago. Remember Tim Tebow - the uber-Christian who found…  [more]

Romanticizing prison ministry

Slate recently published a striking photo collection by Serge J-F. Levy under the title “Finding God in Maximum Security Prison.” Taking pictures in prisons either domestically or abroad is a feat in and of itself, as most prisons strictly forbid it. The Slate story says that Levy had to convince…  [more]

Repentance, reconciliation and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

I’ve felt for some time that Duck Dynasty was a ticking time bomb. I think the Robertson family has too, considering this Christmas season you could buy almost anything with the bearded faces of the reality-television stars on it. Cash in before someone says something stupid. Enter Phil Robertson. The…  [more]

Chelcie Ross on being a Christian in Hollywood

Last week, I had the pleasure of being part of a Christ & Culture event at Christ Church of Oak Brook alongside veteran character actor Chelcie Ross. Ross spoke about his experiences as an open Christian in Hollywood and how his faith has not hampered his steady, 37-year career. “A…  [more]

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