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Why ‘teaching religion’ will only take students so far

A recent article in The Atlantic by Marshall Poe suggests that religion should be taught in secular universities. What makes this article fascinating is that Poe, a former history professor, is not religious but a “confirmed atheist.” Furthermore, he is advocating for religious leaders (priests, imams and rabbis) to teach…  [more]

Cotton Mather, movie reviewer

With the Oscars approaching, we’re awash in pundits (myself included) weighing in on the best movies of 2013. The New Yorker got in on the fun earlier this week with a humor column in which Puritan minister Cotton Mather (1663-1728) shared his views on some Academy Award-nominated films. Of the…  [more]

Kanye West and personal Jesuses

Kanye West has been getting attention for more than his music recently. In addition to the revelation that he has become officially engaged to his celebutante girlfriend Kim Kardashian, with whom he has a daughter named North, West pulled virtual ink by inviting a cliched Jesus look-alike to come onstage…  [more]

How classic literature fosters spiritual formation

For the past couple of decades, Christians have been telling each other that engaging with popular culture makes us more relevant to our neighbors. At the very least, we’ve improved our water-cooler conversational skills. But what if a better way to be relevant to culture is to engage with the…  [more]

Focus is overrated

My kids came home so excited. The author - who appeared at their school on a national book tour; who had sold gazillions of copies of her books; who both wrote and illustrated her stories; whose name was a staple on spines in libraries and homes across the land -…  [more]

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