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Lean in? Recline? How about ‘join the body’

I’m interested by how often I’ve seen a recent Washington Post op-ed by Rosa Brooks, questioning the “lean-in” manifesto of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, circulate in my social media. It seems that many people – not just working mothers - feel overwhelmed by competing expectations in different parts of their…  [more]

Why contraception matters, even for Protestants

Between various legal challenges and Mike Huckabee’s ill-advised statements, contraception is making headlines again. For many Christians, contraception is an issue only if it is abortifacient. But Protestants would do well to think through contraception from a broader moral and theological standpoint. The issue is connected to our view of…  [more]

Yearning for community - or not

What kinds of communities do Americans want? Since every American church founded in the last 20 years (including mine) has strategically chosen “community” for a middle name, you’d think the concept of community would be highly valued in the United States. But think again. In a helpful post, Kaid Benfield…  [more]

Is ‘dementia village’ a model for the church?

When Nancy slipped too far into Alzheimer’s, something had to be done about her role in the annual rummage sale. A decade before, Nancy had been one of those people who did everything at church: ran the sale; organized a ladies’ circle; led the cherub choir; taught Sunday school. Slowly,…  [more]

Remembering community amidst the ‘new domesticity’

I have a confession to make. When I first heard about the topic of Emily Matchar’s new book, Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity, I rolled my eyes and very uncharitably wondered aloud, “Who cares?” Essentially, Matchar tries to explore the rhyme and reason for a seemingly…  [more]

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