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Bye-bye Flappy Bird

The hugely popular mobile game Flappy Bird was unceremoniously removed from the market last week and the ensuing outcry made me think of Ecclesiastes – only partly because banging into the game’s first pipe for the fifth time in a row will make anyone cry “meaningless, meaningless!” The abrupt manner…  [more]

Snapchat and digital dualism

Snapchat, which allows users to share photos that will be automatically deleted after a selected number of seconds, is out to do much more than just provide a good laugh for teenagers. Instead, founder Evan Spiegel contends that Snapchat is transforming the very way we communicate by breaking down the…  [more]

Louis C.K.’s ‘forever empty’

Comedian Louis C.K. went on a rant on Conan last week that began with cell phones but spiraled into some harshly honest observations about the way we deal with sadness and loneliness in contemporary society. Video of the interview has been widely shared, but we have it below in case…  [more]

Special revelation and Netflix’s House of Cards

With the release of its new series House of Cards, Netflix took a leap of faith. Unlike traditional television shows, House of Cards was made available for streaming in its entirety from its launch date. Waiting is dead, according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Netflix is trying to undo what…  [more]

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