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Cotton Mather, movie reviewer

With the Oscars approaching, we’re awash in pundits (myself included) weighing in on the best movies of 2013. The New Yorker got in on the fun earlier this week with a humor column in which Puritan minister Cotton Mather (1663-1728) shared his views on some Academy Award-nominated films. Of the…  [more]

Nelson Mandela and God’s providential purpose

In the fourth grade, I learned multiplication, grammar and how to hide under a desk if a hand grenade was thrown into the classroom. Growing up as a white kid in South Africa under apartheid had its privileges, but as a student in a parochial multi-racial school, it had its…  [more]

In defense of Christian bubbles

Bubbles saved civilization once, or at least that’s the way Thomas Cahill tells it in How the Irish Saved Civilization. At the precipice of loss of the received knowledge of the ancient Roman world, the wisdom of that time was preserved in remote monasteries at the edge of civilization. And…  [more]

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