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Ugly selfies and spiritual authenticity

Selfies seem to get a lot of negative attention. After being named Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year, there was a general outcry of how selfies reflect narcissism and bland exhibitionism. Last fall I discussed the truncated view of sexuality that often accompanies our anxious hand-wringing regarding selfies. Now…  [more]

The narcissistic heart of click bait

Headlines are everywhere. Online media outlets survive on the sharing of bite-sized nuggets designed to catch our eyes and capture our clicks. As our screens become flooded with more and more headlines, outlets have adopted new, more enticing ways to grab our attention. Perhaps you've seen click-bait headlines like these:…  [more]

Snapchat and digital dualism

Snapchat, which allows users to share photos that will be automatically deleted after a selected number of seconds, is out to do much more than just provide a good laugh for teenagers. Instead, founder Evan Spiegel contends that Snapchat is transforming the very way we communicate by breaking down the…  [more]

Why Whisper may not be the best way to share secrets

“Secrets, secrets are no fun; secrets, secrets hurt someone.” While cute, this rhyme from my childhood is a reminder that secrets are powerful and wield the ability to cause pain and sorrow. They’re also popular, as a new app called Whisper has shown. Whisper taps into our burning desire to…  [more]

Recognizing a wordsmith’s worth

Though I’ve never - not in my past as an editor nor today as a writer - been a big earner, I’ve been fine with that. Mostly. After all, I am a capitalist, I understand Economics 101 and I get how supply and demand affects my pay. Beyond that, I…  [more]

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