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First off, a big thanks to those of you who are already receiving this post in your inbox. We’ve had an encouraging response to our new email initiative, and we sincerely appreciate those “early adopters.” As for the rest of you – what are you waiting for? By subscribing to…  [more]

TC at the Festival of Faith and Writing

Perusing photos from last year’s Festival of Faith and Writing on the event’s Facebook page, I noticed something strange: no one had a jacket on, and the ground was green. The festival will be held April 10 to 12 at Calvin College, and the prospect of experiencing a Michigan spring,…  [more]

Cotton Mather, movie reviewer

With the Oscars approaching, we’re awash in pundits (myself included) weighing in on the best movies of 2013. The New Yorker got in on the fun earlier this week with a humor column in which Puritan minister Cotton Mather (1663-1728) shared his views on some Academy Award-nominated films. Of the…  [more]

Why Barbie was destined for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Having Barbie appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is an undeniable stunt, a surefire way for a print publication to get some viral attention. (Remember that Rolling Stone Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover?) Yet in retrospect, the convergence of Barbie and SI’s annual exercise in shamelessness was inevitable. When it comes…  [more]

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