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Five horror films Christians should see

Halloween is approaching, and for me that means curling up on the couch to watch scary movies. Below are five horror films that I think have something interesting or provocative to say to Christians. Alien (1979) If the horror genre seeks to evoke our deepest, most primal fears, then Alien…  [more]

Whiplash and our striving for perfection

Perfect is a loaded word, in both artistic and religious circles. Can a song be perfect? Can we? Even if most people would answer no (John Wesley aside), many of us still strive toward some idea of perfection. And when we fail to achieve that, the result can be a…  [more]

Discussing Kieslowski’s Decalogue V

This is part of a joint series with Elijah Davidson of Reel Spirituality, in which we’re considering each installment of The Decalogue. Krzysztof Kieslowski's landmark collection of short films was first released on Polish television in 1989 and is based on each of the Ten Commandments. Links to our other…  [more]

Smile for the camera! Gone Girl and the idolizing of public image

As eviscerating as you’d expect for a film from director David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club), Gone Girl exposes the increasing power that contemporary society has given to the public image. Who we are – broken, forgiven, still toiling under grace – rarely matters. What’s important is who we…  [more]

In defense of Christian cultural engagement

“Cultural engagement” is our bread and butter here at Think Christian. With limited resources, we do our best to engage with every square inch of God’s creation. So it was a bit disheartening to see some fellow sojourners in this task recently eye the phrase, if not the practice, with…  [more]

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