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A Noah who needs Jesus

Noah doesn’t quite work as a movie – it’s ungainly, unwieldy and unsure of whether it wants to be a fantasy epic or an intimate family drama – yet I was intrigued by how Old Testament it felt. If nothing else, Noah captures what it might have been like to…  [more]

Christians don’t own the copyright on Noah

A few years ago, my daughter was in a church musical production of the Noah story (she was the cutest alligator you’ve ever seen). The thing is, the ark they had on stage wasn’t exactly 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. In fact, quite a few…  [more]

How Christians go to the movies

Barna Group recently released an intriguing study on the 2013 moviegoing habits of Americans in general and Christians in particular. While some of the findings weren’t surprising (we love our sequels), others revealed new details about the way believers interact with Hollywood. According to Barna’s report, on average Americans saw…  [more]

The Grand Budapest Hotel: nostalgia as resurrecting force

The Grand Budapest Hotel oozes nostalgia. The movie pines for the past both narratively (its central figure is a fastidious concierge who strives to maintain the fading accouterments of polite society) and physically, shot primarily as it is in the boxy Academy aspect ratio that was the standard from the…  [more]

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