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Singer, priest, boss: the latest from Sinead O’Connor

Is it a coincidence that Irish alt-rock pioneer Sinead O’Connor has released a song called “Take Me To Church” just as fellow Irish singer-songwriter Hozier is making waves with a song of the same name? Hozier’s melancholy tune swipes at the Catholic Church and deifies sex as an ultimate truth…  [more]

Jack White’s Lazaretto: good album, bad theology

In the excellent documentary It Might Get Loud, Jack White talks about how he intentionally struggles with music. He often chooses crummy old instruments so that he has to work hard to make music with them. If he has time to go three steps to get from the piano to…  [more]

Hearing the music of redemption in Begin Again

With the release of his musical romantic drama Begin Again, Irish filmmaker John Carney, whose previous film was the low-budget Once, answers the question, “What could this guy have done with some real money?” More importantly, however, he hints at a much better question. What is it about music that…  [more]

Miranda Lambert’s Platinum and country music laments

Miranda Lambert started taking the country music charts by storm soon after she won third place on Nashville Star, a country version of American Idol, back in 2003. Her early hits “Kerosene” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” projected a don’t-mess-with-me persona that she has continued to highlight in all of her albums…  [more]

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