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Beyoncé’s spiritual Formation

While I have always appreciated Beyoncé’s presence in the entertainment business, I never donned wings for the BeyHive. What I have loved most about Beyoncé is how hard she works — she dances hard, she sings hard and she goes hard on the creativity. (I mean, dropping a video with no announcement — like whoa!) In addition to her career, she seems to take very seriously the relationships…  [more]

Bill Cosby and dual natures

I love superhero stories. The idea that a mild-mannered, shy and unassuming person could transform into a fearless superhuman and selfless protector of humanity has always intrigued me. As a kid, I was amazed by this phenomenon, primarily because I saw the possibility of greatness in each one of us, no matter how unimpressive we were on the outside. As an adult, I am still intrigued, but for slightly different…  [more]

A college parent (and Liberty alum) responds to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments on Muslims and guns

Last Monday I received an email from the president of Rice University in Houston, Texas, where our son is attending school. President David Leebron communicated his decision to maintain Rice’s policy of a gun-free campus. This choice was made by exercising the “opt out” provision of a new Texas law passed last spring, which allows individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry a weapon on…  [more]

Laquan McDonald and the erosion of empathy

I have a bad habit. After reading news articles, I often find myself scanning the public comments that follow. I am aware of the kind of vitriol that is present when people anonymously post their unfiltered thoughts on controversial issues, yet I often read anyway, against my better judgement. However, after witnessing the acrimonious conversation surrounding the shooting of Laquan McDonald, I think I will forego…  [more]

Advent and lament

The stories don’t stop coming. I woke up Saturday morning and tried to digest the news that a gunman had entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and killed three people, including a police officer who also served as an elder in his church. This was after I followed the news Friday of protests in Chicago in response to the delayed release of police department video showing the shooting and killing of Laquan…  [more]

Mockingjay’s Syrian refugees

Although The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 brings an otherwise excellent sci-fi franchise to an underwhelming conclusion, one provocative scene particularly resonates this week in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the subsequent, polarizing conversation surrounding refugees. At this point in the Hunger Games narrative, ambivalent heroine Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) has snuck…  [more]

Jesus was a refugee

Jesus was a refugee, along with his mother Mary and father Joseph. They fled their native Israel out of fear for their lives. They were able to return some years later, only after the politics of their homeland changed. Sound familiar? It should. It is happening today, and in the same neighborhood that the Holy Family was from. People there again fear for their lives. The vicious and brutal militants of ISIS are…  [more]

Watching the Washington Redskins during Native American Heritage Month

Football has been on my mind recently, as the debate over the Washington Redskins name rages on. California recently became the first state to ban the use of the “R-word” for public school mascots, while earlier this year a federal judge upheld a decision to cancel six trademarks held by the NFL team because they “may disparage” Native Americans. I understand that the team’s branding…  [more]

The aggressive exegesis of Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is not one to shy away from bold, controversial statements. In her latest, Coulter rails against the “evangelical establishment” for its timidity and failure to support the antics of would-be president Donald Trump. According to Coulter, Trump represents “real Christian courage” when he “defend[s] America from destruction by immigration.” According to Coulter,…  [more]

How Christians can lead the way on maternity leave

What does the United States have in common with Papua New Guinea and Suriname, as well as the small island states of Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Nauru and the Marshall Islands? Out of 185 countries, these are the only ones that do not provide some sort of paid maternity leave. This reality prompted Regan Long’s recent Huffington Post article lamenting the fact that many mothers in the U.S. are forced to return…  [more]

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