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Why ‘teaching religion’ will only take students so far

A recent article in The Atlantic by Marshall Poe suggests that religion should be taught in secular universities. What makes this article fascinating is that Poe, a former history professor, is not religious but a “confirmed atheist.” Furthermore, he is advocating for religious leaders (priests, imams and rabbis) to teach…  [more]

Deity as commodity in Foreign Gods, Inc.

Okey Ndibe’s novel Foreign Gods, Inc. is the tragicomic journey of a New York cabdriver named Ike - a Nigerian immigrant desperate for wealth and willing to steal and sell his home village’s war deity statue in order to get it. Ike’s plan is risky, reckless and culturally disrespectful; it…  [more]

Why that proposed Satan statue is as ridiculous as it sounds

A controversy erupted in Oklahoma recently when the Oklahoma legislature erected a privately commissioned stone memorial inscribed with the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol. The Oklahoma ACLU and an organization called American Atheists filed lawsuits in federal court, claiming a violation of the First Amendment…  [more]

Alvin Plantinga on atheism

The New York Times’ philosophy blog recently posed the following question to Christian philosopher Alvin Plantinga: Is atheism irrational? The emeritus professor at Notre Dame, who has written for Think Christian on the historical Adam, offered a number of thoughts in his cogent, congenial style. One of Plantinga’s repeated claims…  [more]

Is the Arab Spring the Arab Christian’s fall?

We wanted to share another video from Calvin College’s recently concluded January Series. Earlier this week, Anne Zaki – a teacher at Cairo’s Evangelical Seminary – spoke about the turmoil she’s witnessed in Egypt since moving back to her native country in September of 2011. Zaki focused specifically on the…  [more]

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