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Outsourcing our memories to Instagram

The advent of instantly posting photos online has revolutionized our documentation of our lives, especially the lives of our children. It's not uncommon now for us to take a picture a day, filling up Instagram and Facebook feeds with our everyday activities. NPR recently reported on a study of this phenomenon by Maryanne Garry, who investigates the effect of photography on childhood memory at the Victoria…  [more]

Making room for the Bible’s maternal images of God

Mother’s Day makes me think about God’s maternal side. Christianity has been guilty of a patriarchal history that has been oppressive of women. Our conception of God as masculine - God as Father or King - certainly contributes to this. Although written in patriarchal contexts, the Bible itself does not refer to God exclusively in masculine metaphors. There are, albeit few, feminine metaphors used to…  [more]

What my family gained when we lost our Christian school

A funny thing happened on the way to the library. Just fresh from the post office - where I had chatted up a neighbor in line and then laughed as the long-time clerk behind the counter teased me about my “usual” request  - I walked up the tree-lined path that leads to the library. Where I ran into a fellow mom from my kids’ school. And then a dad. After I nodded at one and stopped to talk to…  [more]

Lean in? Recline? How about ‘join the body’

I’m interested by how often I’ve seen a recent Washington Post op-ed by Rosa Brooks, questioning the “lean-in” manifesto of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, circulate in my social media. It seems that many people – not just working mothers - feel overwhelmed by competing expectations in different parts of their lives. It’s hard for us to sort out what are expectations others…  [more]

Why contraception matters, even for Protestants

Between various legal challenges and Mike Huckabee’s ill-advised statements, contraception is making headlines again. For many Christians, contraception is an issue only if it is abortifacient. But Protestants would do well to think through contraception from a broader moral and theological standpoint. The issue is connected to our view of the human person, the nature of human sexuality and marriage and our…  [more]

Super Bowl Skittles and Mary’s prayer

I admit: usually my reasons for choosing favorite athletes are based on the ridiculous. For instance, my two favorite Chicago Bears this season were Julius Peppers (because how can you not smile at that name?) and Matt Forte (because anyone who posts images on Instagram of his sweet pit bull romping through the woods gets my support). But for once - finally! - I may have stumbled on a better reason to choose an…  [more]

How I gave in to Call of Duty

A while back, I wrote a Think Christian piece about the decision my husband and I made: we would not allow our 13-year-old son to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops. This may not seem so monumental to you, but let me just say it rocked our world for a little while. This was the only thing Andrew could ever imagine wanting. His social life, his credibility as a gamer, even his status as a man would all be destroyed,…  [more]

Mourning and hoping alongside That Dragon, Cancer

"We live in a sick system … and our job should be to redeem it, not just condemn it." So says Ryan Green, one half of the team responsible for That Dragon, Cancer, a point-and-click video game about Green's son, Joel, and his battle with terminal brain cancer. Joel was diagnosed at the age of 1. At 2, he was given a few weeks to four months to live. Joel has had seven tumors, the most recent of which…  [more]

Why We Don’t Need to “Protect” our Sons from Selfies

A recent post by Kim Hall, director of women’s ministries at a Presbyterian church in Texas, has been getting a lot of attention for its word of warning to teenage girls tempted to take “selfies” in their pajamas before bed. If you post them to Facebook, Hall declares, you will get blocked. Her reason? To protect her boys. Hall wrote: The reason we have these (sometimes awkward) family…  [more]

Why not having kids is more than a lifestyle choice

In a recent Time magazine article on childlessness, Lauren Sandler notes that the American birth rate is at an all-time low and asks: “What happens when having it all means not having children?” Sandler notes Jonathan Last’s argument that the low birth rate will have devastating long-term economic effects. And Ross Douthat contends that this is not merely an economic concern, but the result of a…  [more]

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