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St. Augustine on breastfeeding

U.K. poet Hollie McNish composed a spoken word piece that recently went viral. The topic? Breastfeeding in public. McNish describes her own experience in vivid ways that serve as a powerful defense of the practice (you can watch her performance, which includes explicit language, below). It’s clear that her goal…  [more]

Let’s not do away with headship just yet

While Mother’s Day is one of the most attended worship services of the year (with pulpits gushing over motherhood), Father’s Day is one of the least. Can you blame fathers who prefer fishing or golfing over going to church and getting ragged on to step up and be a man,…  [more]

What Spring Breakers says about youth formation

At first glance, Spring Breakers looks like the ultimate Girls Gone Wild video, taken up several notches. Four women college students long for the tropical carousing of a Florida spring break. But they find themselves short of cash. Driven to desperation, their courage bolstered by cocaine, three of them (leaving…  [more]

Steubenville and sexual shalom

I have a 6-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. When I process current events, I often do so through the lens of the absolute joy and terror of raising children. In the past few weeks, my parenting angst has centered around sex and gender. Several weeks ago, Sarah Bessey's post…  [more]

Modern parenthood and the myth of the Proverbs 31 woman

A recent Pew Research survey about modern parenthood revealed some interesting societal shifts. According to NPR's story on the survey: ... fathers spend three times as many hours a week on child care, and twice as much on housework, as they did in the 1960s. Sounds like a major shift,…  [more]

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