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Super Bowl Skittles and Mary’s prayer

I admit: usually my reasons for choosing favorite athletes are based on the ridiculous. For instance, my two favorite Chicago Bears this season were Julius Peppers (because how can you not smile at that name?) and Matt Forte (because anyone who posts images on Instagram of his sweet pit bull…  [more]

Why Whisper may not be the best way to share secrets

“Secrets, secrets are no fun; secrets, secrets hurt someone.” While cute, this rhyme from my childhood is a reminder that secrets are powerful and wield the ability to cause pain and sorrow. They’re also popular, as a new app called Whisper has shown. Whisper taps into our burning desire to…  [more]

Tyler Perry, Stephen Colbert and giggling prayer

I’m used to smiling, even laughing, while watching The Colbert Report. I expect to actually. What I don’t expect is to find myself smiling and laughing (OK, maybe even squealing!) with absolute delight upon seeing spontaneous communal prayer take place on the show - which is exactly how I found…  [more]

Screen images as neighbors

Sept. 7, 1927, is the date of the first electronic video image. Since then the electronic screen has evolved into the hottest commodity in Western culture. From the inaugural television programming (1948) to computers, digital cameras, smart phones and 3-D TVs, this phenomenon is what I and others call "screen…  [more]

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