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Taking Up A Cause For Lent

I’ve read two articles recently focusing on how Christians can come together to support a larger cause when it comes to making sacrifices or showing compassion for Lent. A group of Anglican British bishops are urging Christians to reduce their carbon footprint during Lent.  According to the USA Today, the…  [more]

Why China?

“We’ve decided to adopt from China?” I’d announce. “Really! Why?” was usually the standard answer. Then came, “You know there are lots of babies who need good homes right here in the United States.” I knew. And I’d seen some of their faces on adoption websites. It was gut-wrenching to…  [more]

Prayer in culture

The best selling book of 1955 was Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. I recently read parts of the book as part of some research I was doing on that era. There are a lot of things about Peale’s version of Christianity that troubled me, and here is…  [more]

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