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Prayer in culture

The best selling book of 1955 was Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. I recently read parts of the book as part of some research I was doing on that era. There are a lot of things about Peale’s version of Christianity that troubled me, and here is…  [more]

This post about overconfidence will definitely be excellent

Malcolm Gladwell's recent article in the New Yorker argues that Wall Street's recent meltdown may not have been due to a lack of regulation or a lack of information, but a surplus of overconfidence. He looks at the pros and cons of overconfidence for world affairs and economics, and concludes:…  [more]

Praying on Tape

I recently viewed some clips of the documentary Hell House. It seemed similar in tone and style to Jesus Camp, as both filmmakers were not initially sympathetic to their subjects, but also committed to letting them represent themselves. And, both films feature Christians in middle America who are politically conservative…  [more]

Denying Medical Treatment for Children

There’s been a fair amount of press coverage lately about situations where parents are refusing medical treatment for their kids based on religious reasons.  Parents are currently in court or on the run from authorities being accused of neglect. In one case, a Wisconsin mom is on trial, charged with…  [more]

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