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Who you calling hostile?! Tempering our faith-science debates

A recent study on "Religious Understandings of Science," conducted by Rice University sociologist Elaine Howard Ecklund, was encouraging in its overall revelation that the gap between faith and science may not be as wide as is commonly perceived. Yet there was one statistic I found concerning: of those surveyed, 22…  [more]

The science (and Gospel) of branches

Editor’s note: The Think Christian office is miles away from pastor John Van Sloten’s church – a country away, in fact – so we’re grateful that video of his sermons is easily available on Vimeo. We thought his recent take on the science and Gospel of branches was particularly TC-worthy,…  [more]

Blood moons and confirmation bias

Talk of the End Times is in the news again. April 15 saw the first of four lunar eclipses within 18 months, a phenomenon astronomers call a tetrad. Based on Scriptural references to “blood moons” and the fact that these eclipses coincide with Jewish festivals, some Christians believe this points…  [more]

Epigenetics: sign of the Fall or reason for hope?

The Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, Mich., recently announced they are founding a research hub for the new and exciting field of epigenetics. The better known discipline of genetics studies genes, mutations and genetic inheritance, whereas epigenetics studies chemical modification of genes that have profound effects on how genes…  [more]

Sex-selective abortion and gender discrimination

The 2012 defection of Chen Guancheng - a vocal opponent of China’s one-child policy - highlighted the tragedy of sex-selective abortion in other countries. Sex-selective abortion is indeed appalling because it combines two evils that subvert human dignity: elective abortion and gender discrimination. Yet even as the United States defends…  [more]

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