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Christian hospitality and the sharing economy

A recent Time article highlighted the legal issues faced by companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft. These companies are part of the sharing economy, which uses technology to connect consumer demand with goods and services provided by individuals rather than traditional businesses. In my hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich.,…  [more]

Through an algorithm, darkly?

Two recent news stories – about the “right to be forgotten” by Google and Facebook’s surreptitious newsfeed study - have me thinking about what technology enables us to know about each other. In May, the European Union affirmed a “right to be forgotten,” under which people are asking for news…  [more]

Outsourcing our memories to Instagram

The advent of instantly posting photos online has revolutionized our documentation of our lives, especially the lives of our children. It's not uncommon now for us to take a picture a day, filling up Instagram and Facebook feeds with our everyday activities. NPR recently reported on a study of this…  [more]

Spike Jonze’s Her and the limits of technology

One of the many intriguing things about Her, a futuristic romantic drama from director Spike Jonze, is its healthy view of technology. Whereas many science-fiction films see technical innovation as one path to perfection (consider the Star Trek franchise), Her recognizes that technology won’t be able to save us. At…  [more]

Why sinfulness should make us wary of NSA surveillance

As more information rolls out about the recently leaked National Security Agency surveillance program, PRISM, I’ve been asking myself how my Christian faith might inform my opinion. One refreshing thing about this particular debate is that it doesn’t fall evenly along party lines, which I think gives everyone a better…  [more]

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