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Christians don’t own the copyright on Noah

A few years ago, my daughter was in a church musical production of the Noah story (she was the cutest alligator you’ve ever seen). The thing is, the ark they had on stage wasn’t exactly 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. In fact, quite a few elements were downright unbiblical. So is the case with Noah, a big-budget Hollywood version from Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky - at least if…  [more]

Norway’s ‘memory wound’ and our calling to remember

A dramatic memorial is planned to commemorate the massacre of 77 people at Utoya Island in Norway, the scene of Anders Breivik’s rampage in 2011. The memorial, being referred to as a “memory wound,” is to be a constructed gap that slices through the island. The design plans are jarring, to say the least. This project can trace its lineage directly back to Maya Lin’s stunning Vietnam Veterans…  [more]

Reading the Bible left-handed

My daughter was seven-months-old when we realized she was left-handed. I was delighted, imagining this would mean she would have an extra dose of the fabled southpaw creative and problem-solving ability. What I soon realized, however, was that while she may or may not be particularly artistic, she most certainly was disadvantaged. Until I had a left-handed daughter, I had no idea how much the world was wired in…  [more]

Son of God: heavy on atmosphere, light on sacrifice

Who do you talk to when you pray? When I talk on the phone, I’m usually picturing that person as we speak. Who do I picture when I pray? The Christian faith is based on the claim that God become human on our behalf. But what would it look like if God became one of us? That’s the question embraced by Son of God, from husband-and-wife producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Opening tomorrow in theaters…  [more]

How the Ken Ham-Bill Nye creation debate hindered pastors

Nobody seriously thought the Ken Ham versus Bill Nye debate would settle anything. The real question is whether or not the spectacle helped the church and its pastors.   I ask because of some thoughts sparked in me by a former student and current pastor who sent me a note in response to something I posted on Facebook right after the debate finished last night. His comments centered on the plight of pastors…  [more]

Bill Nye versus Ken Ham - you don’t have to choose

The Internet is buzzing about the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. If you haven’t heard, prominent Young Earth Creationist Ham is hosting Nye, “the Science Guy,” at the Creation Museum on Feb. 4 to discuss this question: “Is creation a viable model for origins?” Predictably, most of the buzz about the event pits science versus faith, as though we have to choose one or the…  [more]

Ecclesiastes’ tip for making your New Year resolutions matter

It’s the first week of 2014, which means we are all supposed to be reflecting meaningfully on 2013 and preparing our resolutions for the year ahead, right? Cue wisdom, profundity and insight. So far, this is what my list looks like: reduce sugar intake exercise more sleep more pray more spend less time on my iPad   This is hardly the stuff of Yoda-like wisdom. The list seems so paltry that it…  [more]

Declarations of love, even on death row

“For love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.” Solomon’s poetic words came to mind as I viewed a work of digital art created by Darius Kazemi. Recently featured in The Atlantic, the piece consists of a black screen, against which white text fades in and out at predetermined intervals. Phrases are excerpted from the last words of executed Texas death row inmates, based…  [more]

Four views on James Brownson’s Bible Gender Sexuality

One of the more recent voices in the church’s debate over same-sex relationships is James V. Brownson’s Bible Gender Sexuality. The book argues that an exegesis of the undergirding “moral logic” of Scripture concerning prohibitions against same-sex eroticism reveals that such prohibitions should not apply to long-term, committed, same-sex relationships as we understand them today.…  [more]

A truly Biblical wedding feast

Earlier this month an Atlanta couple created a media stir by hosting a dinner for the homeless. This was not their original plan. Their daughter was supposed to marry on Sept. 15, but the wedding was called off. Saddled with a hefty, nonrefundable deposit for an exquisite dining hall complete with meals and entertainment for 200, Willie and Carol Fowler prayed about what to do. The following morning, their…  [more]

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