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CSLewisDoodle: pitching a tent in YouTube culture

You’ve seen them before: the illustrated YouTube videos that condense TED Talks or leadership books into four-minute, hand-drawn illustrations. Now there’s a new voice (or rather old) on this scene: that of C. S. Lewis. CSLewisDoodle takes the Christian apologist’s essays and illustrates them with hand-sketched illustrations. Since its inception in 2012, the YouTube phenomenon has gained 12,600…  [more]

Jesus was a refugee

Jesus was a refugee, along with his mother Mary and father Joseph. They fled their native Israel out of fear for their lives. They were able to return some years later, only after the politics of their homeland changed. Sound familiar? It should. It is happening today, and in the same neighborhood that the Holy Family was from. People there again fear for their lives. The vicious and brutal militants of ISIS are…  [more]

Star Wars: Episode I – Making Sense of Midi-chlorians

This is the fourth installment in our Theology of Star Wars series. Read our other essays on Episode II, Episode IV, Episode V and Episode VI. If there was a Spectrum of Awesomeness for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, it would run from Darth Maul on one end (awesome) to Jar Jar Binks on the other (crime against humanity). Most fans would put midi-chlorians - the blood-borne symbiotes that mediate the…  [more]

Paris, terror and what to say when it all comes down

With 50,000 others I ran the New York City Marathon two weeks ago. We ran through five boroughs and crossed over four bridges. It was challenging, colorful and crowded. From a variety of angles during the race I could see 1 World Trade Center - the Freedom Tower. I saw it from bridges that had a view of the skyline; I saw it glimmering in the sun and poking above other buildings as we ran down Fifth Avenue; I saw it…  [more]

Mourning Jihadi John

In the last year, the world has been assaulted by disturbing ISIS videos depicting the beheading of journalists, beginning with American James Foley. The masked executioner — identified by intelligence agencies as Mohammed Emwazi and often referred to as Jihadi John — struck terror into many hearts and inflamed desire for vengeance, a flame that may very well have been satisfied yesterday. According to…  [more]

Star Wars: Episode VI – Can Anything Good Come from Endor?

This is the third installment in our Theology of Star Wars series. Read our other essays on Episode I, Episode II, Episode IV and Episode V. Poor Return of the Jedi. Somehow it has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the original trilogy (“no respect!”), routinely ranked by fans as the least favored installment. On lists that include the prequels, it sometimes falls below Revenge of the Sith. Those who…  [more]

The aggressive exegesis of Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is not one to shy away from bold, controversial statements. In her latest, Coulter rails against the “evangelical establishment” for its timidity and failure to support the antics of would-be president Donald Trump. According to Coulter, Trump represents “real Christian courage” when he “defend[s] America from destruction by immigration.” According to Coulter,…  [more]

Star Wars: Episode V – Beginning in the Middle of Things

This is the second installment in our Theology of Star Wars series. Read our other essays on Episode I, Episode II, Episode IV and Episode VI. In Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas once again thrusts us into the middle of the action. Time has passed since the end of Episode IV. We do not see the Imperial fleet destroy the rebel base from that film, nor do we see the scouting…  [more]

In defense of Oprah’s Belief series

Oprah Winfrey aired an inspiring documentary television miniseries last week called Belief. The seven-part show focused on how religion is lived out in heartfelt ways across the globe. Belief and devotion were portrayed in a positive light. Winfrey’s dedication to sharing how religion can be used for peace and healing was refreshing. It seems that there is an increasing amount of skepticism these days about…  [more]

Star Wars: Episode IV – The Scale of Hope

This is the first installment in our Theology of Star Wars series. Read our other essays on Episode I, Episode II, Episode V and Episode VI. After the last words of the iconic opening crawl drift off into deep space, the camera pans down to take in the horizon of the planet below. Suddenly a spaceship races onto the screen, traveling away from us in an attempt to out-pace ensuing blaster fire. Then, it…  [more]

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