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Bearing false witness on Survivor: Cagayan

If you want to be on Survivor, practice fire-making, spearfishing and silencing your conscience, because one of the essential tools of the game is the bald-faced lie. On last week’s Survivor: Cagayan, ex-policeman Tony found himself struggling to shore up his four-person alliance. He faced a simple math problem: only…  [more]

Hot in Cleveland and the sneaky secularism of sitcoms

Equipped with a “just for laughs!” cloaking device, sitcoms have long played a pivotal role in spreading secularism from America’s urban coastal centers to its heartland. For half a century, the attitudes of Manhattanites and Los Angelenos toward sex, race, gender, piety, politics and a host of other culture-war battlegrounds…  [more]

Louis C.K. and God as mom

We are planning to run a nice Mother’s Day piece by Shiao Chong on maternal images of God from the Bible, but for now I wanted to share Louis C.K.’s Saturday Night Live monologue, which recently touched on the same subject, albeit a bit less politely. Louis C.K. is a…  [more]

How resurrection shakes things up (on ABC and elsewhere)

In ABC's new drama Resurrection, there is something more troubling than the bodily resurrections taking place in Arcadia, Mo. Even more disturbing are the long-buried secrets the resurrected have brought back with them. Every scene of the show, it seems, brings with it another bit of the past that almost…  [more]

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