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Repentance, reconciliation and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

I’ve felt for some time that Duck Dynasty was a ticking time bomb. I think the Robertson family has too, considering this Christmas season you could buy almost anything with the bearded faces of the reality-television stars on it. Cash in before someone says something stupid. Enter Phil Robertson. The…  [more]

Top Ten 2013: Television

10. Hannibal I’ve mentioned before my philosophical problems with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the charming serial killer created by novelist Thomas Harris, but Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller’s take on the character provides something new: a hero (Hugh Dancy as Will Graham) worth rooting for. Most people talk about the show’s grisly…  [more]

Person of Interest’s interest in the person

CBS’ Person of Interest was a hot show this summer, which is odd since it hasn’t aired a new episode since May 9. However, when Edward Snowden dropped his bombshell allegations of secret, government data-mining, his story sounded an awful lot like this crime drama, which makes its season-three premiere…  [more]

Louis C.K.’s ‘forever empty’

Comedian Louis C.K. went on a rant on Conan last week that began with cell phones but spiraled into some harshly honest observations about the way we deal with sadness and loneliness in contemporary society. Video of the interview has been widely shared, but we have it below in case…  [more]

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