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When video games are designed for disempowerment

Research suggests that one of the primary reasons people play video games is because they make us feel powerful. Thus we stomp on goombas, shoot terrorists, steal cars and blow up aliens. This desire to feel powerful is also, perhaps, what makes people so suspicious about video games. But to…  [more]

Bye-bye Flappy Bird

The hugely popular mobile game Flappy Bird was unceremoniously removed from the market last week and the ensuing outcry made me think of Ecclesiastes – only partly because banging into the game’s first pipe for the fifth time in a row will make anyone cry “meaningless, meaningless!” The abrupt manner…  [more]

How I gave in to Call of Duty

A while back, I wrote a Think Christian piece about the decision my husband and I made: we would not allow our 13-year-old son to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops. This may not seem so monumental to you, but let me just say it rocked our world for a…  [more]

Kevin Schut on God and video games

Here at Think Christian’s Chicago-area office, we’ve been fortunate to host a simulcast of Calvin College’s January Series of lectures, including Monday’s talk by Kevin Schut on video games. For those who weren’t able to join us, video of the presentation is below. Schut is associate professor and chair of…  [more]

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