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Destiny: a video game blind to its own beauty

We live in a beautiful world, one we long to explore so that we might revel in its wonders. Unfortunately, our world is subject to frustration. While the heavens declare the glory of God and the sky proclaims His handiwork, both are difficult to see given the brokenness in our…  [more]

A parent’s praise for Stampylonghead

Last winter, my 6-year-old begged me to bake him a cake decorated with his favorite Minecraft-playing YouTuber, Stampylonghead (aka Stampycat, Stampylongnose, Mr. Stampy Cat and Stampy). Fredrik wanted this cake - not to eat - but so we could take a picture and send it along to Stampycat himself, all…  [more]

Hearthstone and the importance of a gaming community

The virulent discourse of gamers is rightfully notorious. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of enduring the complaints and abuse of an incensed League of Legends player during a losing (or even sometimes a winning) battle, you know what I mean. A certain kind of gamer takes it upon himself…  [more]

Watch Dogs and wielding knowledge with grace

As I walk through the streets of Chicago with smartphone in hand, the secrets of the city’s citizens are revealed. Tomas Mendez is a 26-year-old mechanic who is estranged from his parents. Ellen Marsden is unemployed and recently divorced. Ben Sanders is a hair stylist with a methamphetamine addiction. The…  [more]

Death and deletion in Continue?9876543210

If you’ve played any video games at all, you’ve likely experienced a cheap facsimile of death. We’ve long realized that eventually Pac-Man must expire (which in my case happens early and often). Action movies and television crime dramas are equally loaded with cheaply bought corpses. Our culture is awash in…  [more]

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