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Binge-watching TV and seasons of the church

I grew up in a worshiping community that was big on church seasons. Our sanctuary and children’s ministry rooms were decorated to match the color of the season and we aligned our worship and programming around those seasons. I remember the excitement of Pentecost, with the flame symbols and bright…  [more]

Amazon and delivering on the Lord’s Day

Retail giant Amazon garnered big headlines this month by partnering with the United States Postal Service to offer Sunday delivery. Some might ask why this is even a story. After all, it’s not news for retailers or restaurants to be open on Sunday. And the USPS actually did deliver on…  [more]

A sober look at the beer church trend

I’m a Christian and I like beer. Judge me if you must. But it helps explain why I was naturally drawn to a recent NPR story about churches bringing in new members through booze.  The story starts in a pub where regular patrons looking for trivia night stumble across a…  [more]

What AT&T can teach us about children’s sermons

You know the familiar scene. The pastor or another church leader invites the children to the front. He or she sits on the steps with them and the entertainment begins. Kids Say the Darndest Things, as the old TV show was called. We hope for that during our children’s sermons.…  [more]

From Passion Week to Fashion Week

I am captivated by the pageantry of Passion Week. The week begins with purple, the color that’s in season. Purple accentuates the pulpits, the bulletins and the banners in churches (not to mention my shoes and my fingernails). In one week the color in season changes to the black of…  [more]

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