Interview With An Atheist

Saw this on Glocal Christianity. It's an interview with an atheist about Christianity:

It's convicting. If Christians really believe that the difference between heaven and hell is belief in God, why are we not actually doing everything we possibly can to tell people about it?

Any thoughts?

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I have a new book coming out from Tate Pub and it’s all about bringing people to Christ.  It is called Basic Instructions for the Shy Disciple.  For years I didn’t want to be in the same building with all those hipocrits, but for one reason or another God said I had to so that they may change.  The book may give you an idea that just because you weren’t so good that God can’t use you to bring others to him.  I’m one of the originals who took almost fifty years to come to terms with the people of the church and then come into contact with God himself, who loves us all more than we will ever know until we go home.  Tell everyone you see how much he loves us all.  In God’s Grace John

This is very convicting to see and hear on my part as a follower of Christ.  This atheist statement is very challenging too.  Let us reconsider how and why we are here on earth, are we commissioned to be called in times like this?  For all of us who read the Bible and try to live it by faith despite of the trials and struggles.  We need to reach out and be the channel of God’s love and compassion to everyone like this young guy.

I understand what you are trying to project. However, let’s not listen and consult actors about what the Lord’s will is.

We need to walk the walk first.

Some Sow, Some Plant, Some Harvest, Some Work and Pay the Bills Of Those Who Do.

The New Atheism is doing wonders for Christianity although it is of the polarizing sort. I’d have to say that debating with atheists on alt.atheism has done more for my faith than any other endeavour. While I used to panic at new atheistic arguments I now rejoice at the opportunity to dig a little deeper and see the fallacy. Peter Kreeft quoted a friend as saying “If those are the arguments against Christianity, I’d better be a Christian”!

I feel very afraid for this Guy, and I hope he can realize his wrong and go back to Our Lord before it is to late…

I will pray for him!!!

I’ve always thought that militant atheists and fire-and-brimstone Christians had a lot in common, and now I know it’s true. I don’t believe that God is going to send anyone who hasn’t professed faith in Jesus Christ to hell. Why don’t I believe it? Because Jesus has said otherwise. For example, Matthew 25: 31—which assures me that when we all get to heaven (sorry Calvin) we will find many Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, maybe even a few atheists, because “inasmuch as you did it for the least of these my brethren, you did it unto me.” Some professed Christians will be missing too. This interviewee is correct that if you believe what is in the Bible you should practice it, but he knows only a shallow caricature of the depth that is contained in the Bible. He should try reading it, instead of taking his Christian friend’s work for it.

There is a fine line between telling people about the truth and shoving it down their throats.  it has been my experience that God will bring you people that are ready to hear what you have to say, and it says that we are chosen.  Who are we to question His power and wisdom and go out yelling at people on the street corner?  That might just repel them in the opposite direction further.  Show people love and they will ask you where you get it eventually.

I’m sorry, but I must disagree.  “Who are we to question His power and wisdom…” is exactly the problem with most theists.  Blind faith is more dangerous than any Atheist.  Best example: Radical Muslims.  You may ask why they think terrorism is good, and it will send them to Heaven, and I will tell you that they believe that is what God, or rather Allah wants.

:) agreed, that is why it says that we must always test the spirits; if it is coming from a place of love than it is God; He is love, the enemy steals, kills, and destroys.

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