Obama and Revelation 13

This morning I noticed on my blog that I was getting a huge number of hits for “Obama Revelation 13.” (See: Apocalyptic satire as Holy Spirit blasphemy). Then I noticed that James McGrath is also experiencing the same surge at his blog: Obama Revelations. Well, after a bit of research using Google News Search, I discovered this post: Local GOP state Senate candidate sends out e-mails likening Obama to Muslim anti-Christ. Apparently a GOP State senate candidate in California is setting off an email SPAM storm linking Obama with the Antichrist.

I’ve heard of pastors meddling in politics, but politicians meddling in eschatology?!?!

And here’s another possible source of the buzz: The Guardian UK: Election revelations: 666 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama. (HT: here)

The truth is the whole “urban myth” culture of forwarded emails is extremely influential in shaping our ideals and prejudices.

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The Bible does not give any indication what the Beast’s religion will be.  It just says that he will speak blasphemies and elevate himself higher than God.  No indication that he’ll be a Muslim or Buddhist or anything.

I’ve found it helpful to check Snopes.com when I get one of these forwarded e-mails. Snopes checks facts on these things and presents evidence to confirm or debunk. The URL for Snopes is: http://www.snopes.com/politics…

I generally don’t forward these things but like to know the facts in case they come up in discussion. We damage the credibility of Christianity and the church when we spread inflammatory and false information.

My inbox has been bombarded by emails equating Obama with Satan, anti-Christ, and the end of democracy and civilization as we know it. After listening to a bit of Sean Hannity tonight I’ve concluded that the GOP platform is FEAR.

Basically, symbols in Revelation had specific meanings for a First Century Jew or Greek, like when we might say “it is raining cat and dogs.” These are metaphors not to be taken literally or lightly but should be taken as they meant then, not compared to a modern day newspaper. John was in a totalitarian, evil regime under Emperor Nero (as was Domitian) who was very much an antichrist (this means one who opposes Christ—not just one person but anyone who oppresses someone away from Him - 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 1:7). This can also mean Nero and/or someone like a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Saddam Hussein, or someone who is yet to come). We are called, as Christians, to be watchful; however, it is foolish to seek an antichrist, predict one, or come up with some kind of fanatical theory such as a computer chip planted in us. There have been many theories; none of them have come true, and there is still an antichrist to come into fruition. When he does come, there will be no mistake of his identity.

The beast. As a word, it means a ravenous animal; as a symbol, an opposing power. In association with earth, it represents religious powers or people serving secular authorities. He is acting as a counterfeiter of good, turning it into evil; as a “propagandist” (dispensing deceptive misinformation) for evil, it is the first beast and Dragon—Satan. He seeks to bring glory to himself and that of evil, whereas in contrast, the Holy Spirit brings glory to Christ. This beast is also called the “False Prophet” in Rev. 13:11-18; 16:13; 19:20 and 20:10.


We are just falling in the trap of the evil one by paying attention to that message. let us be zealous in spreading the Good News of Christ, and let us make sure that politics and blind fanatism do not lead us astray.

yes Serge. let the bible leads us. politics and God’s message can not share same room.

I’m not a big fan of Sen. Obama, but it is so sad that people resort to preying on people’s gullibility to seek support. And the fault does like both with sender and receiver, just like other negative campaign tactics.

I wonder if these are the same people who keep sending the Madeline Murray O’Hair/FCC petition hoax?

sarcasm? yes?

Guilt through association, or you do what your friends do, what is hidden is hiddlen for a reason.  I’ve been taken to the police station because of who I was with at a certain time and they were doing something wrong.  I did things that were wrong because my friends were doing them too.  There are things between me and God that will never come out, but let me tell you they will not harm anyone, only me.  They would cause me shame, because they were not good, nor kind things.  When you place yourself in front of God and everyone else, God knows what you have done and will do later, but we lowly humans have to ask and want an honest answer to our questions.  That is all we want is truth and honesty from someone who wants us to trust him.  Trust in God for I have found that he is the only one to trust fully.  In God’s Grace John

I think people should learn to pray for each other and stop trying to disgrace people, when dealing with politics. Adults should want to be the kind of Christian that God would be proud of, to all the people that are trying to say that Obama is antichrist. REMEMBER WHEN YOU POINT YOUR FINGER. HOW MANY ARE POINTING BACK AT YOU. CLEAN UP YOUR OWN HOUSE BEFORE YOU TRY TO CLEAN UP SOMEONE ELSE. IN OTHER WORDS SAY IT LIKE THE WILLIAM BROTHERS, SWEEP AROUND YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR BEFORE YOU TRY TO SWEEP AROUND MINE!!!!

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