Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots and being duped by evil

Todd Hertz

July 25, 2013

To your question about onus being on the ones who trust deceivers, I say yes. It is every man's duty to be as discerning as possible when choosing who you associate with on friend level and even more so on a business level. As business man, your business affects so many more people than you that you have to be careful and smart about who you bring into the fold.

You raise a good point in trying to balance a hard heart vs. being on guard for those who deserve a second chance. My only thought on this is those who truly deserve a second chance need to be treated and grown up in a certain way that proves they are really ready of a second chance. Much like many churches do with Elders. They are approved by the Elder board, usually given a test period of 6 months to a year, their wives, kids, neighbors, friends are interviewed and their life is observed to see if he truly meets the qualifications of the office of elder.

As a human you wont always be right but you'll be more right than wrong and you'll develop a culture where discernment is highly valued and where if you are wrong the damage will be less that would be if you hadn't done extra homework.

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