An Ash Wednesday Thought

February 26, 2009

i'm from the phils which a very roman catholic country. so ash wed is very much observed here. yet i'm a christian, a protestant. christian reformed church. i became born again during my tweens. my parents were never really devout catholics before they became christians so this event has never made any impression on me. <br><br>but this is one of the few times that my so-called religion stands out. i am one of the few people without an ash cross on my forehead. i've realized that this would be a great opportunity to share the Good News of Easter but haven't really gotten into any conversations regarding that. but it does offer a good time to reflect on our humanity and what Jesus being fully man and fully God means to me. thank you for making me relfect.<br><br>have a blessed day!

February 26, 2009

As in lent you are to give up something, or that is what people say. You know the soda's and candy and maybe something else. Well this time I'm not giving up anything, in fact I'm going to give more, be more attentive to others than I have been. Give classes for free so to speak and give of my time to those who need it the most. Teach someone or inspire someone to learn sign language. Teach someone how to play the guitar, then sit back and really listen to how they play and applaud. So I guess I am giving up something for lent and it's me. Thank you Father for the example you have shown. In God's Grace John

Alford Cotton
February 26, 2009

It does not change my view on Easter, because now i have a new and ever lasting life to look foward to. On the third day i will be raised up as our savior did,and start to live a new and everlasting life.

February 26, 2009

Thank you for this post. As I grow older, I come to a greater appreciation of the meaning of Lent. Without a real understanding of sin, repentence and an admission of unworthiness, Easter has little meaning.

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