Anticipating The Hobbit - and adventures of our own

Marta Layton

Barbara Rich
November 5, 2012

This is a nice reflection on one of the many themes in The Hobbit that can resonate with Christians.

I love the way that Bilbo resolutely keeps moving forward on his adventure at every step, even though he longs for home and its comforts he follows through to the commitment he made, yet he never allows himself to be corrupted by the material values of Men and Dwarves.

Marta L.
November 6, 2012

Thanks Barbara! I agree - one of Bilbo's real strengths is that he is affected by the places he's going, but he also keeps sight of where he's coming from. He's still recognizably hobbitish by the end of it - a very good thing, considering!

November 6, 2012

Loved this, Marta!
In LOTR Sam talks about becoming characters in the "old stories." The hero is called to adventure and takes a journey in which he faces a series of challenges that lead to accomplishing something important. This journey changes him and elevates the life he left behind when he does return home.

Bilbo's journey makes me think about the series of these journeys God has put in my path. The best ones were the ones on which I chose not only to run with endurance but to fully embrace the adventure and enjoy the scenery along the way (though too many involved retreats and regrets).

I have this feeling that these transformative adventures will become songs that glorify God when Christ returns. Perhaps the more we truly live the adventures He sends us on now, the better the songs will be.

Marta L.
November 8, 2012

Thanks for your comments, Moherring. This is one of my favorite themes in Tolkien, the concept of an adventure that transforms us. It's a bit of a paradox - if you truly want to come home and not be crushed by your experiences along the road, you must in some sense really embrace the adventure. I think your outlook on your own experiences is a good one.

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