Babel, the Gospel and Mumford & Sons

John J. Thompson

John J. Thompson
September 25, 2012

Nearly every song on the Mumford and Sons Babel album leans heavily on Christian imagery.

September 27, 2012

Amen! Amen! Amen!!! I'm so glad I found this review. I've long known in my heart the reason most secular music reviewers, etc., have a seemingly visceral hatred of Mumford & Sons is because of the heartfelt faith & Truth contained in their lyrics. My own heart feels the joy & Truth & faith to its very core when I listen. I've been a fan of theirs for several years and have seen friends & music writers, who formerly loved the band, dismiss them as boring & not worth their time. I know this is because, sadly, they prefer to be jaded, worldly beings, rather than embrace the Truth. I am so glad Mumfords have remained true to themselves.

This is my favorite line: "This will no doubt infuriate hipster critics addicted to novelty."

Amanda Cleary Eastep
September 30, 2012

Thanks for writing about the new release, John. As Christians, we seem to hold on for dear life to Christian messages--implied or overt--in "secular" music, film, story, etc. It's something like finding the wild rose in the patch of thistles, I guess...the reminder that God can speak through everything. Marcus Mumford, whose parents were (are?) part of The Vineyard, obviously writes and sings from his experience, his upbringing. When I stood with 15,000 at the concert in Dixon, it certainly wasn't a Sunday school lesson, but there were moments when voices and hands were lifted that it almost seemed to be in worship, whether or not people knew exactly what they were feeling or why. These men seem to love each other, to love their fans and their music and what they do (or are called to do)--I pray this doesn't change and that their language and intensity stays "consistent with the brokenness they uncover," as you say. I bought the CD today, although every time I listen to "I Will Wait," I'll also hear the thousands of voices that sang along with them. Thanks for the post!

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