Biblical virtues in the year’s best films

Josh Larsen

January 8, 2010

I can agree with you heartily on 8.5 or 9 of these films. In particular Coraline and Precious moved me this year. Star Trek expressed the theme of self sacrifice strongly enough to move viewers to tears (in a science fiction movie no less!). I also enjoyed Julie and Julia for the indefatigable joy and perseverance of hope and marital fidelity it expressed. I will not mock Julia Childs any more (or anyone for that martter). If the criteria here is the Biblical virtues they extol I would have a problem with including Bruno under the Biblical virtues it extols. I’m also puzzled by the constant beating of the drum on this subject. What is alive and thriving in America is common sense and decency.

January 8, 2010

I'm with Rick on Star Trek and Julie and Julia although I must admit I didn't really stop to think about the biblical themes of those movies so I'll just steal what Rick said.<br><br>I would also add Up to my favorites list. I found my wife and myself sitting on the couch with tears in our eyes during a sequence in the beginning of the movie. It really speaks of love and the closeness that comes from marriage.

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