Bill Nye versus Ken Ham - you don't have to choose

Deborah Haarsma

Deborah Haarsma
January 30, 2014

The Bill Nye versus Ken Ham debate on evolution pits science against faith, but we don't have to choose one or the other.

January 30, 2014

Some fossilized questions for a deep parallel debate, for instance: is there evolution if there is no time? How will evolutionary biology meet new physical paradigms about time, space and so on? Will new conceptual changes deny evolution? Or on the contrary, will it become a more extraordinary process, full of astonishing implications? If so, will past human beings and the rest of living beings become different as science progresses? After all, is life something fix-finite-defined? That is, can one understand it by means of using a brain and its limited words, dogmas, and so on? Does the whole of life fit into a bone box? Indeed, will science add indefinitely without understanding completely? Anyway, is it possible to understand something completely? Along these lines, there is a different book, a preview in http://goo.gl/rfVqw6 Just another suggestion

January 30, 2014

If forced to choose between faith and science, Deborah, I choose pizza. Why let someone else dictate the terms? And besides, pizza's my favorite.


Mark P
February 15, 2014

Ms. Haarsma – I am in full agreement with your statement “You don’t have to give up Christian faith in order to accept the best, most compelling science”, as well as However, when you speak of “the science of evolution”, you grant the theory of evolution legitimacy that is undeserved.

I understand the desire to create a synthesis of Christian beliefs and evolution. But is it true? Did God really use evolution to create the earth and all of the universe?

The following is an excerpt from a recent article by Bryan Fischer… “Darwin himself said, ‘The number of intermediate and transitional links must have been inconceivably great.’ But, sadly for Darwinians, after more than 150 years of digging in dirt all around the world, there are still no transitional fossils at all – not one! The most famous paleontologist in the world, Harvard's Stephen Jay Gould, said, "The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology." (Note" "extreme rarity" is Harvard-speak for "nada, zilch, zippo.")

Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History agrees with Gould that "there are no transitional fossils," not even a single one "for which one could make a watertight argument." In other words, people who study fossils for a living know there are no transitional forms but they don't want you and me to know it, because it might prompt us to stop imbibing the swill of evolution. Gould developed an absurd theory called "punctuated equilibrium," a theory that evolution happened so fast, in such rapid bursts, that it left no trace in the fossil record. Imagine that: the only evidence he has for his theory is the total absence of any evidence whatsoever! And this guy taught at Harvard!

What the fossil record teaches us, in contrast to the theory of evolution, is that increasingly complex life forms appear fully formed in the fossil record, just as if they were put there by a Creator.

This is especially true of what is called the "Pre-Cambrian Explosion," the vast, overwhelming, and quite sudden appearance of complex life forms at the dawn of time. Evolutionists are at a total loss to explain the Pre-Cambrian Explosion. The biblical record indicates quite clearly that all things, including increasingly complex life forms, came fully formed from the hand of God.”

Not only are there several thousand creation scientists in this nation, an intelligent design movement has emerged from within the evolutionist community (including some prominent evolutionary scientists) who have come to the conclusion that the complexity of the universe cannot be explained by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, but reveals evidence of design by a conscious being.

All of which is totally consistent with the Biblical account of creation by the sovereign, living God.

Best regards,
Mark Peterson

David Clow
April 15, 2015

I apologize if this has already been answered, but how do we deal with death coming from the sin of Adam and Eve; but evolution creation would have death before sin actually entered God's creation?

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