Bird Box and Spiritual Warfare

Abby Olcese

Abby Olcese
January 17, 2019

How the Netflix hit models a hopeful way of living, even in the midst of overwhelming darkness.

Kendra Thompson
January 18, 2019

Abby, thank you. I was troubled by this movie when I saw it, but love your hopeful spin.

James Dekker
January 20, 2019

I'm still looking for a time to watch this w/ a couple of friends, but I do appreciate your thoughts on this. Two of my own thoughts:
1) I strongly believe (and try to practice this too) that it is good and healthy to shut off the endless and repetitive TV/radio/internet after a strict personally imposed limit on news, on reports of violence (and vileness) about which none of us can do anything except feel sick or get addicted to watch more. That is not escapism; rather it is trying to ward off the temptation that all we see is "true," when so much of it is more like mental pornography, with potential damage not unlike in moral degree from the excess and perversion of sexual porn.
2) From your description of Hope in this movie, I am reminded of *The Road,* both book and movie. Though bleak and dark, as much of Cormac McCarthy's work, there is indeed and finally, light as the end of the road, albeit accomplished only after the death of the father/saviour.

Thank you.

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