Bungy Jump

Jerod Clark

March 13, 2009

I haven't got a dramatic definite example I can tell you here, but I know there have been many times when what the disciples said on the lake 'Master, don't you care that we perish?' seems very apt to me. I have often made it something that I would say, even though I know the disciples were rebuked for their lack of faith.<br>And even when I feel that God is calling me to go down a certain path, and I know the peace of following Him, I don't always know that it will turn out nicely. <br>Like Abraham going up Mount Moriah, did he know that it would all turn out well, and he wouldn't have to sacrifice Isaac? Probably not. But he still trusted God, as I must do.

March 13, 2009

Don't forget that if you believe in "Free Will", then you could die and meet God who would ask you why you did such a stupid thing. The difference between taking a leap for fun and taking a leap of faith that is God's will is a big one. Christ told his disciples to cross the lake, but when the storm came they thought they would die. When he awoke, he reminded them who he was and that <i>he asked</i> them to cross the lake. I believe if God asks you to do something and you die in the process, your death was the purpose and brings great glory to God and reveals him to onlookers.

Stacy Lee
March 14, 2009

We Christians live our lives every day without knowing the outcome. Without faith it is impossible to please Him (Hebews 11:6). I have to trust God that despite what tragedy I may face in the future He will use it for my ultimate good. I have to give up my right to determine what is good and evil for myself and trust God with it, because I know whatever happens to me despite how evil it may seem God will use it for my good. I think that's the ultimate test of faith.<br>Good on you for taking a leap of faith!

March 15, 2009

It boils down to surrendering your will to God! And that is much harder to do than jumping off a plank. There are some deep desires that we tend to hold on to (or maybe it is just me) that become very difficult to give up, even knowing God grace and His desire to bless us tremendously - we are after all, His sons and daughters. Walking in His ways, truly walking is not wrestling with Him on every decision but trusting His voice and doing as He says. Yea, we can do really foolish things with our "free will" and our own speaking/thought process rather than knowing that this decision is God directed and hence ordained.

March 15, 2009

my first thought as i was reading your article was ...how wonderful our God is that He has built in us and in this world so much for us to enjoy. if only we take courage in Him to bring out the best for us in this life to experience. i remember the comforting and challenging words that the Lord said to Joshua as he was embarking on the conquest of Canaan. but, our minds can truly be annoying. with our built in capacity for over analysis and rational thinking (which is not a bad thing actually) but it does hinder a lot of the abundance that the Lord has in store for us. i believe if we walk with the Lord one step at a time, even if we do not know more often than not where He leads, He will bring a coninuous flow of arenaline rush not unlike what you experienced in New Zealand. praise the Lord! thanks for sharing. enjoy!

March 16, 2009

I wrote a book called Basic Instructions for the Shy Disciple, which should be out in the stores sometime in April, one year to the date I sent it in. What a year that has been, in that this is my first book. Many wanted to publish it for a fee, or if I did all the work, but after repeatedly sending it to publishers, one accepted it. What a leap in faith that has been as I was not always a Christian and even today I try to think that maybe, just maybe I could be a disciple of Christ Jesus. It's wonderful to allow God into your heart and life and to change that life for the better. It's something that we all need to do, but it's hard for some to even talk about Christ, much less profess their beliefs. I was inspired by many both here and in heaven to write this book, now let us pray that it brings one more to God and our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. In God's Grace John

March 17, 2009

i am very happy for you John! and may your book be used by the Lord to reach other people's hearts. hope it'll be available here in the Philippines. praying for your success and journey with the Lord

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