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Why Free Speech Is a Christian Virtue

A friend recently shared a post by a Christian literary agent with this premise: If they want to sell books, writers should refrain from sharing political opinions and commenting on—or even liking—political articles. The proposal is not a new one. And it doesn’t apply to writers only. Lots of professionals in many fields are encouraged to ease off political opinions lest they tarnish their…  [more]

Why I Send My Child to Public School

With the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, the topic of schools and school choice has been in the news. Growing up, I was homeschooled. My mother was considered a pioneer by many, for good and for bad. I am a direct result of my education, where I was allowed to pursue studies that interested me, where my brain could unfurl and bloom in a safe, caring, and Christian environment. I feel…  [more]

How Christian Intellectuals Can Get Their Groove Back

Alan Jacobs’ recent essay in Harper’s poses the intriguing question: what became of the Christian intellectuals? By this term Jacobs means not merely Christians who are intellectuals, but Christians who function as interpreters and go-betweens of the cultural gaps between the Christian community and the cultural intelligentsia of secularized America. In Jacobs’ view, these public intellectuals have…  [more]

Does the Church Need a ‘No Homework’ Policy?

A second-grade teacher in north Texas is garnering national attention after her innovative “no homework” policy went viral during the first week of school. This year, instead of formally assigning homework, she's asking parents to spend their evenings doing something different. “Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early,” she suggests. The…  [more]

In praise of public service

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, President Barack Obama recently presented the National Teacher of the Year award to Jahana Hayes. At the ceremony, he made remarks emphasizing the immense importance of public service in education. “This is an area,” he said, “where you will have more influence, potentially, than any other profession that you go into.” The work of educators of Hayes’…  [more]

A college parent (and Liberty alum) responds to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s comments on Muslims and guns

Last Monday I received an email from the president of Rice University in Houston, Texas, where our son is attending school. President David Leebron communicated his decision to maintain Rice’s policy of a gun-free campus. This choice was made by exercising the “opt out” provision of a new Texas law passed last spring, which allows individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry a weapon on…  [more]

The particular place of shame when Christian campuses confront rape

For those with the emotional strength to endure it, Lady Gaga’s newest video, “Til It Happens to You,” is the kind of protest art that can’t be ignored. As graphic portrayals of sexual assaults against college women flash on the screen, Gaga sings, “Til it happens to you, you won't know, it won't be real.” The sad truth remains that far too many women can relate to the…  [more]

Duke students, trigger warnings and cultural engagement

At the start of this new school year, one story making headlines concerns the incoming Duke freshmen who have refused to read the graphic novel Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel, which was on a recommended (though not required) reading list for incoming students. Citing the book’s depiction of sexuality, student Brian Grasso has said that reading it would “compromise my personal Christian moral beliefs.”…  [more]

The CCCU and same-sex marriage: is withdrawal the best response?

Scholars have long debated the precise etymology of the word “Protestant.” While some have promoted the widely held view that it originated from its root word “protest,” others have advocated that the term is more properly translated as “proclaim.” Regardless of the initial meaning, the term Protestant throughout history has most certainly been synonymous with those who are…  [more]

Engaging relationally with our information age

Anyone with a smartphone knows we exist in an information age. While the vast expanse of information available at our fingertips may seem majestic on the surface, we’ve grown increasingly accustomed to the instant availability of data. In a recent Time article Lev Grossman discussed what he called “humanity’s newest problem: data.” Considering the rapid rate at which the availability of data…  [more]

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