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How to Tell the Christmas Story, Yet Again

The best stories are always retold. We tell them because they tell us something about ourselves and we retell them so we will never forget. They contain truths worth remembering. As many of us prepare to once again tell the greatest story ever known, it’s interesting to note that two secular Christmas classics are experiencing a retelling of their own. An operatic version of 1946’s It’s a Wonderful…  [more]

How You Can Help in Haiti

Editor’s note: World Renew, a sister ministry of TC, has been working in Haiti since 1975 and is currently involved in relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. This piece, originally published on the World Renew website, reports on the agency’s efforts. It has been just over a week since the fierce winds of Hurricane Matthew hit Moulin Cheri’s home in the community of Duchity, Haiti. The…  [more]

How Christian Intellectuals Can Get Their Groove Back

Alan Jacobs’ recent essay in Harper’s poses the intriguing question: what became of the Christian intellectuals? By this term Jacobs means not merely Christians who are intellectuals, but Christians who function as interpreters and go-betweens of the cultural gaps between the Christian community and the cultural intelligentsia of secularized America. In Jacobs’ view, these public intellectuals have…  [more]

Rebooting VBS

This summer, I’m treating myself to one week of day camp for my two oldest children. I’m a stay-at-home parent, so this week is a luxury for me, but summer camps are not a luxury for most parents in America. If you work, your kids need to be somewhere supervised. Allow them to go free range, as many of us remember from our own childhoods in the 1980s or earlier, and you risk the judgment of other parents…  [more]

Meeting people where they’re at (even if it’s McDonald’s)

In many circles, McDonald’s has become shorthand for poor food choices. I regularly see Facebook memes about how the company’s food takes forever to decay, while the 2004 film Super Size Me followed a documentarian who ate McDonalds every meal for a month, to the detriment of his health. Certainly, French fries and soda are not the healthiest foods and contribute to America’s obesity problem. Like…  [more]

Defending FOX’s live Passion extravaganza

On Palm Sunday I gathered with 30 or so Christians in the parking lot outside of a small church in rural Georgia. When the piano prompted us, the double doors swung open and we processed together into the sanctuary, waving palm branches and chanting, “Hosanna in the highest.” It was a simple ceremony that was likely reenacted at numerous churches throughout the world that very hour. The simplicity of the…  [more]

Blinded to see: Lamont Levels’ ironic Gospel story

Lamont Levels is blind, but he wasn’t born that way. In 2001, his fellow gang members turned on him during a drug deal in a Dallas suburb. After shooting him in the head, they ran off with the money and left him for dead. But the bullet missed his brain and severed his optic nerves. The shot meant to take his life merely took his sight, and Levels thinks there’s a good reason why. “God closed my…  [more]

Eboo Patel on interfaith leadership

We have another video from Calvin College’s ongoing January Series for you, this time of Eboo Patel’s presentation on “Interfaith Leadership: Engaging Religious and Philosophical Diversity in the 21st Century.” An American Muslim of Indian heritage, Patel has written two books about interfaith cooperation, Acts of Faith and Sacred Ground, and is founder and executive director of the…  [more]

CSLewisDoodle: pitching a tent in YouTube culture

You’ve seen them before: the illustrated YouTube videos that condense TED Talks or leadership books into four-minute, hand-drawn illustrations. Now there’s a new voice (or rather old) on this scene: that of C. S. Lewis. CSLewisDoodle takes the Christian apologist’s essays and illustrates them with hand-sketched illustrations. Since its inception in 2012, the YouTube phenomenon has gained 12,600…  [more]

Why Protestants should applaud Pope Francis’ U.S. visit

If the attention he's received over the summer is any indication, then Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States is likely to receive a great deal of media scrutiny. Just picture the scene as the supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church heads to the highest halls of political power: the U.S. Congress and the United Nations. The pope's visit provides a good opportunity to reflect on the…  [more]

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