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The Keepers Delivers the Truth about Sex Abuse

Since it released last month, the documentary Netflix series The Keepers has been compared to Making a Murderer. Like that popular true-crime drama, The Keepers centers on the mysterious death of a young woman and the police’s inept response. But that’s where the comparison largely ends. The Keepers isn’t primarily interested in solving a murder case but in probing the mystery of evil: how it…  [more]

Wonder Woman and the Search for Female Role Models

“They don’t want us to be priests. They want us to be obedient nuns.” That was actress Angelica Huston in 2015, telling The New York Times that the film industry is “kind of like the church” when it comes to women leaders. In the two years prior to that interview, women had composed only 1.9 percent of the directors of the 100 top-grossing films. Since the interview, the numbers have…  [more]

Beauty and the Beast and Boycotts

Editor's note: TC is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The denomination's position statement on homosexuality can be found here. Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast would have gone largely unnoticed by me if not for a miniature controversy that has sprung up around it. It seems that some Christians are troubled enough by one possible element in the film that…  [more]

Authority and Vulnerability in the Interrupted Professor Video

You may have seen the viral video in which professor Robert Kelly, a South Korean policy expert, gets interrupted during a BBC interview when his children come barging into his office—one sauntering and dancing, the other following in a baby walker. Kelly apologizes when the news anchor mentions his children walking into the room, hand palms one, and continues with a laughing smirk (or perhaps a grimace) while…  [more]

Podcasts and Mass-mediated Fellowship

When I needed to rest after delivering our daughter recently, my husband knew a familiar routine that would help: he put one of our favorite podcasts in the delivery room. The reaction of the nurse who came in to check on me led me to believe this isn’t a typical choice, but it made sense for us. We had been listening to familiar weekly podcasts at bedtime for years. This style of podcast isn’t for…  [more]

Top Posts of 2016

We have so much great stuff planned for 2017—a redesigned website, more contributors, another e-book—that I can’t wait to get to the new year. But first let’s look back at the year that was by highlighting our five most-read posts of 2016. As expected, political articles garnered the most interest, with endorsements for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appearing among the top five. The list…  [more]

What We’ll Lose with the Closing of Books & Culture

As a student at Westmont College, I would wait for professors in the small common area in the English building. Among the leather couches, creaking floorboards, and wardrobe items from C. S. Lewis’ estate were always copies of Books & Culture: A Christian Review. The magazine’s articles, including some by my professors, would flit from book reviews to cultural commentary to personal stories. The…  [more]

The Naked and the Nude

The recent skirmish over Facebook’s removal of a harrowing image—the Pulitzer Prize-winning, 1972 photograph of a young, naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm explosion—certainly raises questions of censorship. Yet it also strikes me as a symptom of our porn problem. According to Fortune, Facebook removed the photograph after a Norwegian newspaper editor posted it as part of a series of…  [more]

Blessed are the twee?

Can you use the word twee in a sentence? Maybe not. But you have felt the aesthetic nonetheless, described by Marc Spitz in his book Twee as “the gentle revolution in music, books, television, fashion and film.” You see twee wherever skinny jeans and indie folk and preppy sensibilities converge in self-aware music, in tender wittiness, in nostalgic youthfulness. Think Lena Dunham, Wes Anderson and Gilmore…  [more]

A deeper dive into Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia

Pope Francis’ recent exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love), comes on the heels of two synods in the Roman Catholic Church devoted to matters of marriage and family life. It was released last Friday and provoked a wide variety of reactions, with some seeing the document as going too far, particularly on issues of divorce and remarriage, and others seeing it as not going far enough. Many commentators…  [more]

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