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What If My Daughter Wants to Be a Pastor?

“I had no idea that people have issues with female pastors.” One of the congregants at our church lamented this to me with shock and exasperation. She was in her early 30s and considering a change in professional direction by attending seminary. Sandra came to me for my thoughts on choosing the right school; her face went blank when I suggested she study at a place that supports women serving in pastoral…  [more]

Julia: Sesame Street’s New Image-Bearer

In some ways, she is another young celebrity making the promotional rounds on various talk shows. Last month, she made her television debut on 60 Minutes. Since then, she has been generating great buzz, with a variety of radio and TV appearances, including National Public Radio, CNN, and the BBC, as well as articles in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, People, and more.   However, this actor, Julia, is…  [more]

Why I Send My Child to Public School

With the appointment of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, the topic of schools and school choice has been in the news. Growing up, I was homeschooled. My mother was considered a pioneer by many, for good and for bad. I am a direct result of my education, where I was allowed to pursue studies that interested me, where my brain could unfurl and bloom in a safe, caring, and Christian environment. I feel…  [more]

Why Can’t Bad Moms Make Room For Any Good Dads?

Bad Moms has been playing to throngs of moms enjoying a girls’ night out. Moviegoing mothers have resonated with and guffawed at these onscreen alter egos, who fiercely love their children but still feel like failures. The movie opens with Amy (Mila Kunis) running in high heels from breakfast to school drop-off to a late arrival at work. When we follow her home, we find out Amy’s husband (David Walton)…  [more]

Rebooting VBS

This summer, I’m treating myself to one week of day camp for my two oldest children. I’m a stay-at-home parent, so this week is a luxury for me, but summer camps are not a luxury for most parents in America. If you work, your kids need to be somewhere supervised. Allow them to go free range, as many of us remember from our own childhoods in the 1980s or earlier, and you risk the judgment of other parents…  [more]

“Meternity” leave and our desperate need for Sabbath

When Meghann Foye’s New York Post essay appeared last week, she struck book-publicity gold: a controversy gone viral surrounding the premise of her new novel, Meternity. In the book, a driven, thirtysomething journalist fakes a pregnancy in order to get a little time for personal reflection — a “meternity” leave. For the Post, Foye expanded on her belief in “a sabbatical-like break that…  [more]

Is God a free-range parent?

The parenting police are at it again. In the New York Post, Will and Jada Smith were recently called out for raising “nuclear narcissists … without any grounding in reality.” The Smiths’ indulgent parenting style, the argument goes, has resulted in kids — Willow and Jaden — who do not comprehend natural consequences or have a sense of their own fallibility. Meanwhile, the Rhode…  [more]

A parents’ guide to living with gamers

Parents struggle with video games. Last week I received a heartfelt email from a woman with gamer sons — a high schooler and a college student. After she read my book, Of God and Games, she developed a more open attitude toward playing, but she still had concerns. How much playing is too much? Does playing games with bad themes lead gamers astray? Is it still OK to feel like gaming is a waste of time? These…  [more]

Why Lego’s wheelchair minifigure is fearfully and wonderfully made

A new Lego minifigure has been greeted with celebration, even though it has nothing to do with Star Wars or superheroes. Instead, this figurine is of a young man in a wheelchair sporting a hoodie and beanie cap. Lego had previously released a minifigure of an elderly man in a wheelchair for their Duplo line, but that received criticism from disability activists for reinforcing the stereotype that wheelchairs are…  [more]

How Christians can lead the way on maternity leave

What does the United States have in common with Papua New Guinea and Suriname, as well as the small island states of Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Nauru and the Marshall Islands? Out of 185 countries, these are the only ones that do not provide some sort of paid maternity leave. This reality prompted Regan Long’s recent Huffington Post article lamenting the fact that many mothers in the U.S. are forced to return…  [more]

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