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Why Free Speech Is a Christian Virtue

A friend recently shared a post by a Christian literary agent with this premise: If they want to sell books, writers should refrain from sharing political opinions and commenting on—or even liking—political articles. The proposal is not a new one. And it doesn’t apply to writers only. Lots of professionals in many fields are encouraged to ease off political opinions lest they tarnish their…  [more]

Sanctuary Cities and the Church

The term “sanctuary city” has been popping up in the news a lot lately. While not an official title, it is used to describe cities who welcome refugees and immigrants and refuse to completely comply with federal immigration laws. While some have referred to the practice as “jihad against immigration enforcement,” others applaud the movement as a way to serve as “a conscientious…  [more]

All Rivers, Great and Small

I have lived most of my life in cities bisected by rivers and have often used a quiet spot by the river to clear my head and listen for God’s voice. At the Kebar River in Babylon, God spoke to Ezekiel. At the River Jordan, God spoke to the assembled crowds at the baptism of Jesus. In Ezekiel 47, the prophet describes a river that flows from the temple of God, bringing life and healing to the land. Revelation 22…  [more]

How Secure Do We Need to Feel to Follow Christ’s Call?

A recurring theme I hear from Christians who support President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration—both his now-scrapped Jan. 27 attempt and this week’s revised one—is the firm belief that foreign-born travelers, especially refugees, pose a grave danger to the United States. At the same time, I hear other Christians arguing that Jesus’ call to care for the hungry, the thirsty,…  [more]

Trump and the Transfiguration

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the noise and seeming chaos of the first days of the Trump administration. The tweets, the hyperventilating media, the alternative facts, the pundits, pontificators, and protesters. The insults, the leaks, the fake news, the lies, the Facebook posts, the language of war, opposition, resistance. It’s all created a deafening roar. The world feels full of sound and fury. The…  [more]

What if Christians Were the Ones Being Banned?

Following his Jan. 27 executive order suspending travel and immigration from seven predominately Muslim countries, President Donald Trump told CBN News’ David Brody that persecuted Christians would be given priority when it comes to refugee status. To understand why Christians—yes, Christians—should find this troubling, let’s imagine a somewhat similar scenario. Japanese Prime Minister Bans…  [more]

If Trump Does ‘Destroy’ the Johnson Amendment, Churches Won’t Benefit

During a prayer breakfast last week, President Donald Trump told religious leaders that he would “totally destroy” the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits tax-exempt non-profit organizations, including churches, from endorsing or opposing specific candidates. Under the current system, if a member of the clergy endorses a particular candidate, the contributions to his or her church are no longer considered…  [more]

Parsing the Prayers at the Trump Inauguration

With the inauguration of the United States’ first business president—Donald Trump, who has no experience in politics or the military—it’s time to be honest about the degree to which 21st-century American culture esteems wealth. Trump’s nomination of a cabinet full of people with experience building or managing fortunes further suggests that he and his supporters see business ability as a…  [more]

Making Space for Pro-Life Feminists

During a week in which Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of nonviolent protest, I’ve paid special attention to a protest planned to coincide with Friday’s presidential inauguration. The Women’s March on Washington, scheduled for Saturday morning, is expected to draw 200,000 participants, with sister marches planned for all 50 states and 55 cities across six continents.…  [more]

My Plan for Being a Faithful Citizen

One of the few things clear to me after last month’s presidential election was that I need to change my role as a citizen. My other identities, and the responsibilities they carry, are plenty clear to me: father, husband, worker, writer, church member, Cubs fan, and on. But democracy requires more than private people leading private lives. It requires more than consumers and sports fans and venting on Facebook.…  [more]

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