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Weird Science and Christian Wisdom

In April, a team of physicians and researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia published an eye-catching article in the scientific journal Nature Communications. In it, they described the Biobag, an artificial womb that they successfully used to grow premature lambs to birth weight. The implications of this for human babies are considerable. Premature birth remains a major cause of infant mortality.…  [more]

Talking Science and Faith with Morgan Freeman

Who has best portrayed God in cinema? My vote is for Morgan Freeman’s version in the theologically profound Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty. Freeman gave the role gravitas, tackling a number of vexing theological questions in a humorous and endearing way. Thirteen years after his initial portrayal of God, Morgan Freeman is hosting National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, which…  [more]

Rethinking Neanderthals

No one likes to admit that a long-held idea is wrong. The more invested we are in an idea and the more it aligns with our overall worldview, the more likely we are to cling to it. It was interesting, then, to read a New York Times Magazine article by Jon Mooallem explaining how multiple scientists have been compelled to admit that long-held views about Neanderthals were incorrect.  Neanderthals have been…  [more]

How Should Christians Navigate the Gender Revolution?

Katie Couric recently hosted a documentary entitled Gender Revolution on the National Geographic channel. A companion piece to the latest edition of National Geographic magazine, the documentary focused on matters relating to intersex and transgender people. Essentially, it raised questions about a world where it’s not merely gender roles that are up for grabs, but gender itself. The documentary was strongest…  [more]

Celebrating 10 Years of The Language of God

During the summer of 2006, I was browsing at a bookstore when I came across a new book by renowned geneticist Francis Collins called The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. The book instantly grabbed my attention. I had just finished up my first year as a Ph.D. student studying paleontology and evolutionary biology at a major university, and I was only a few years removed from what was nearly a…  [more]

Soylent and the Cost of Convenience

“Agriculture’s one of the most dangerous and dirty jobs out there… There’s so much walking and manual labor... Surely it should be automated.” This is the candid response that startup entrepreneur Rob Rhinehart gave in a 2014 interview shortly before shipping the first batch of the meal substitute beverage, Soylent, that he and his tech buddies had invented. While reviews on the flavor…  [more]

Is Self-control Overrated?

In Galatians, we’re told that a fruit of the Spirit is self-control. So what should we make of recent research that suggests self-control is overrated? "There’s a strong assumption still that exerting self-control is beneficial,” Marina Milyavskaya, a psychologist at Carleton University, says in a Vox article reporting on the findings. “And we’re showing in the long term, it’s…  [more]

Antibiotic Resistance: Have We Misused God’s Good Gift?

For years now there has been a building alarm about antibiotic resistance among those who study disease, medicine, and globalization. Wonder drugs like methicillin were rendered ineffective by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) within a decade. In hindsight, 10 years without serious resistance was an incredibly long time. Newer breakthrough drugs like ceftaroline led to resistant bacteria within a…  [more]

Making sense of the body-hacking movement

What if we could improve the human body, rather than simply fix things that have broken? This is the motivating question for the so-called "body hacking" movement, also known as transhumanism. We have long since accepted the idea that we can use technology to repair and sustain our bodies — pacemakers to regulate heartbeats, artificial joints to enable movement, metal plates and rods to repair broken bones.…  [more]

Avoiding extremes amidst Canada’s euthanasia debate

By June 6 of this year, Canada will have a law allowing euthanasia. The reaction among Christians in both Canada and the United States has tended to be polarizing and fearmongering. Consider Wesley J. Smith’s article at First Things, entitled “Canada declares war on Christian doctors and nurses.” The law has not even been drafted yet. Smith is reacting to a special parliamentary committee’s…  [more]

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