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Let’s Not Throw “She” and “He” Out With the Grammatical Bathwater

The fact that the English language has no neutral singular personal pronoun has long vexed linguists, writers, and college freshmen. It’s also a problem that’s been in the news in recent years. In 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported growing acceptance of the use of “they” as a singular pronoun among copy editors. Later linguists at the American Dialect Society voted “they” as…  [more]

How Should Christians Navigate the Gender Revolution?

Katie Couric recently hosted a documentary entitled Gender Revolution on the National Geographic channel. A companion piece to the latest edition of National Geographic magazine, the documentary focused on matters relating to intersex and transgender people. Essentially, it raised questions about a world where it’s not merely gender roles that are up for grabs, but gender itself. The documentary was strongest…  [more]

Marriage: The Christian Version of ‘Yes Means Yes’

There are a confluence of recent factors forcing us to think more about consent in sexual relationships: the passage of “yes means yes” laws (vs. the older “no means no” model); the continuing attention to sexual assault on college campuses and the rise of Title IX complaints; and the accusations of sexual harassment involving Roger Ailes and Donald Trump. As a Christian, I’m encouraged…  [more]

The Naked and the Nude

The recent skirmish over Facebook’s removal of a harrowing image—the Pulitzer Prize-winning, 1972 photograph of a young, naked Vietnamese girl running from a napalm explosion—certainly raises questions of censorship. Yet it also strikes me as a symptom of our porn problem. According to Fortune, Facebook removed the photograph after a Norwegian newspaper editor posted it as part of a series of…  [more]

Two truths to consider regarding transgender identity

All this talk about bathrooms is, of course, not really about bathrooms. Perhaps we need to stop using public restrooms as a cover for what’s really at the heart of the bathroom debate: transgender identity. In order to make any progress in what has turned out to be — ready or not, like it or not — a national conversation, I believe all participants in the dialogue must acknowledge two indisputable…  [more]

Are churches willing to have the “gay conversation?”

Editor's note: TC is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The denomination's position statement on homosexuality can be found here. How does the church navigate the reality of same-sex relationships? This question is the most intense point of disagreement between and within churches at this moment, so I was eager to listen to the recent Q Ideas podcast The Gay Conversation, hosted by…  [more]

Barna study details porn’s pervasive influence – including in the church

Barna Group has released a new study surveying the current cultural influence of pornography, including within the church, and it’s not encouraging. If some of you have wondered why we regularly cover the topic here at Think Christian, this is the reason. Nearly 3,000 people participated in Barna’s four online studies, which included in-depth surveys among the general population, American teenagers,…  [more]

The particular place of shame when Christian campuses confront rape

For those with the emotional strength to endure it, Lady Gaga’s newest video, “Til It Happens to You,” is the kind of protest art that can’t be ignored. As graphic portrayals of sexual assaults against college women flash on the screen, Gaga sings, “Til it happens to you, you won't know, it won't be real.” The sad truth remains that far too many women can relate to the…  [more]

The perilous pleasure of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion

With the release of Emotion, a bubble gum triumph with an (unintentionally) existential dark side, Carly Rae Jepsen makes a credible grab for Taylor Swift’s pop princess tiara. With the support of a certified “who’s who” of today’s hottest writers and producers, Jepsen emerges as a force with which to be reckoned. Emotion is one of the more sonically sophisticated and layered records of…  [more]

What’s really been exposed in the Ashley Madison hack

Men and women cheating on their spouses is nothing new. Yet with the hack of affair-matchmaking site Ashley Madison and subsequent release of information identifying its users, adultery is in the public eye in a new way. Those fearful of discovery are seeking to know if their information was part of the leak. Prominent Christians such as Josh Duggar were found among the paid users, as was Sam Rader, a Christian…  [more]

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