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Stephen Colbert’s Witness

Although it’s a 2015 interview, Stephen Colbert’s conversation with Fr. Thomas Rosica of Salt + Light Media still applies to the current comedic landscape, where pointed political satire is even more the order of the day. In the video, which you can watch in full below, Colbert reflected on a number of questions, including the relationship of his Christian faith to his role as a late-night entertainer. He…  [more]

Drowning in the Guilt of Bloodline

“We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.” When a friend recited Bloodline’s motto to me, my interest was immediately piqued for the Netflix show. As an avid fan of House of Cards, I was looking for another thriller/drama to satiate my craving for good television. What I discovered, however, was a show that exhumes the rottenness of secrets, guilt, and unconfessed sin. The show’s…  [more]

In Defense of Tina Fey’s Sheet-Caking

When I heard that Saturday Night Live would be airing a special summer series of Weekend Update segments, I’ll admit I didn’t expect them to offer glimpses of God’s truth. I tuned in to the satirical news segment for a few laughs, but what I discovered—sandwiched between the uncouth and sometimes vulgar content—was a demonstration of how ironic humor can be a force for biblical justice.…  [more]

Masking the Truth on Netflix’s Flaked

Chip owns Venice Beach. The Netflix original series Flaked follows Chip (Will Arnett) as he bikes through the streets of the Los Angeles enclave. The series favors street-level shots of storefronts, which never pull back to offer a wider perspective. Flaked is relentlessly told from up close, with Venice Beach as one of the main characters. It’s a modern-day fable, one that centers on a carefully formulated…  [more]

The Odd Man Out in Netflix’s The Defenders

After protecting New York City on their own respective Netflix shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist now join forces as The Defenders. But they are not equals. Three of these characters embody a willingness to risk themselves for others in a way that carries biblical reverberations, while the fourth frequently reflects our own selfish natures. Interestingly, the first three come to The Defenders…  [more]

Project Runway and Clothing as Story

Clothes have always told stories. They indicate social class, signify accomplishment, and mark points in history. People can be defined by the clothes they wear: goth, hippie, punk, hipster. What we wear tells a little bit about who we are, whether we’re creative, edgy, girly, simple, or minimalist. Clothes have also been key in the narratives of Scripture—think of Joseph and his colorful coat. Fashion…  [more]

Vikings: Grace Given, Rejected, and Received

Vikings has taken its viewership by storm. Premiering in 2013 and airing on History, the series is based on the life of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his journey from a humble farmer to a ruthless, marauding Scandinavian king. Ragnar’s rise to prominence comes through the brute overpowering of his enemies and ceaseless ambition, yet the show also makes room for a consideration of the equally powerful…  [more]

Catastrophe’s Refreshingly Ancient Take on Marriage

If you haven’t seen Catastrophe, a British sitcom available on Amazon, consider this article a cautious encouragement to check it out. Fair warning, though: if you are generally opposed to bawdy body humor, unambiguous adult content, and recurring sexual situations, you should probably stay away. (So Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t watch Catastrophe.) Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan write and star…  [more]

This Old House and the Redemptive Weight of a Hammer

All of the think pieces in all the Christian-cultivated blogs across the Internet expounding the Christ-hauntings in every television show ever aired or streamed—they’ve been pretty good. I mean, someone even managed to bring the Gospel to Game of Thrones. I’d like to look somewhere even less likely: This Old House, which I’d claim is literally the most redemptive show on TV. For those…  [more]

Suits: When Sin Finds You Out

The USA drama Suits, which recently began its seventh season, plays with many tropes of the legal thriller: high-powered speeches, crucial turns of information, millions of dollars changing hands to settle claims. In the process, Suits also presents lawyers as modern-day knights fighting for truth, justice, and economic power. Yet the law firm at the show’s center has a lie at its core. The first season…  [more]

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