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The High Calling of Corrections Officers

Mourners gathered in Delaware this month to pay respects to Lt. Steven Floyd, a veteran correctional officer who died during a violent uprising and hostage standoff at the state's largest prison. The tragic ordeal, which some analysts believe was a long time coming, stemmed from inmates’ allegations of inhumane treatment and administrative indifference. Floyd’s selfless heroism during the takeover…  [more]

How Christian Intellectuals Can Get Their Groove Back

Alan Jacobs’ recent essay in Harper’s poses the intriguing question: what became of the Christian intellectuals? By this term Jacobs means not merely Christians who are intellectuals, but Christians who function as interpreters and go-betweens of the cultural gaps between the Christian community and the cultural intelligentsia of secularized America. In Jacobs’ view, these public intellectuals have…  [more]

Praying for the police

The day I spent riding shotgun in a cop car is one I’ll never forget. It wasn’t so much the thrill of going on calls, the wailing of the siren or “booking ’em.” (Besides, I’m pretty sure only one person was booked that day.) The real marvel was in watching my big brother do the work he’s called to do. My brother and I haven’t lived near one another since he joined the…  [more]

15 years after The Office, is there still purpose in selling paper?

What would a documentary about one of the most boring, mundane jobs imaginable look like? This question works as a backdrop for The Office, a mockumentary-style BBC comedy that debuted 15 years ago this Saturday. Over its short run, The Office garnered both critical and popular acclaim in the United Kingdom and, naturally, was quickly adapted by NBC in the States, where it found even more success than the original.…  [more]

In praise of public service

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, President Barack Obama recently presented the National Teacher of the Year award to Jahana Hayes. At the ceremony, he made remarks emphasizing the immense importance of public service in education. “This is an area,” he said, “where you will have more influence, potentially, than any other profession that you go into.” The work of educators of Hayes’…  [more]

“Meternity” leave and our desperate need for Sabbath

When Meghann Foye’s New York Post essay appeared last week, she struck book-publicity gold: a controversy gone viral surrounding the premise of her new novel, Meternity. In the book, a driven, thirtysomething journalist fakes a pregnancy in order to get a little time for personal reflection — a “meternity” leave. For the Post, Foye expanded on her belief in “a sabbatical-like break that…  [more]

The Gospel imperative of Obama’s Fair Chance Business Pledge

I’m among the thousands of job seekers who have to check “yes” next to the criminal history question on their applications. I hate that box. Especially with online forms, that checkmark feels like an immediate consignment of 30 to 45 minutes of work to the virtual wastebasket — never mind the company’s boilerplate assurance otherwise. Of course, I can’t be absolutely sure what…  [more]

How Christians can lead the way on maternity leave

What does the United States have in common with Papua New Guinea and Suriname, as well as the small island states of Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Nauru and the Marshall Islands? Out of 185 countries, these are the only ones that do not provide some sort of paid maternity leave. This reality prompted Regan Long’s recent Huffington Post article lamenting the fact that many mothers in the U.S. are forced to return…  [more]

Nail salons and the moral price of beauty

What’s the moral price you are willing to pay for beauty? Does being a Christian have economic implications? Does God care about the practices surrounding manicures and pedicures? These are some of the questions that came to my mind after reading “The Price of Nails,” a recent series by Sarah Maslin Nir in the New York Times. In the first part of the series we are introduced to the consistently…  [more]

Egg freezing and the facts of life

Apple and Facebook recently made headlines with their decision to cover the medical costs for female employees who want to freeze their eggs. Many fertility clinics now advertise this as a procedure one might choose in order to “pursue educational, career or other personal goals.” These headlines were a fresh reminder that Protestant Christians often ignore the ethical implications of reproductive…  [more]

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