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How Secure Do We Need to Feel to Follow Christ’s Call?

A recurring theme I hear from Christians who support President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration—both his now-scrapped Jan. 27 attempt and this week’s revised one—is the firm belief that foreign-born travelers, especially refugees, pose a grave danger to the United States. At the same time, I hear other Christians arguing that Jesus’ call to care for the hungry, the thirsty,…  [more]

What if Christians Were the Ones Being Banned?

Following his Jan. 27 executive order suspending travel and immigration from seven predominately Muslim countries, President Donald Trump told CBN News’ David Brody that persecuted Christians would be given priority when it comes to refugee status. To understand why Christians—yes, Christians—should find this troubling, let’s imagine a somewhat similar scenario. Japanese Prime Minister Bans…  [more]

Grace for the Rich and Powerful

The woman sitting next to me wore a lovely pink dress and had well-sculpted blond hair. She was quiet and unassuming, patiently waiting her turn to share in the group discussion. When she finally spoke, her voice was modulated. “Hello. I’m the Queen of Belgium.” It took a mighty effort for me not to look surprised. I had heard Belgium’s queen would be at the World Economic Forum (WEF),…  [more]

How You Can Help in Haiti

Editor’s note: World Renew, a sister ministry of TC, has been working in Haiti since 1975 and is currently involved in relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. This piece, originally published on the World Renew website, reports on the agency’s efforts. It has been just over a week since the fierce winds of Hurricane Matthew hit Moulin Cheri’s home in the community of Duchity, Haiti. The…  [more]

Seeing Ourselves in the Refugee Olympic Team

Despite the Olympics’ long history, there are always a number of “firsts” each time the games take place. New sports will be introduced, countries will stand on the podium for the very first time, and world records will be smashed. This year in Rio, the most significant “first” occurred before competition began: the introduction of the Refugee Olympic Team. Waving flags featuring the…  [more]

Seeking Revelation in Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain is more than just a crass, foodie traveler known for eating rotten shark meat and a still-beating cobra heart. In his CNN show Parts Unknown, Bourdain reveals the many layers of faraway cultures. Fast Company’s Rob Brunner writes that "Bourdain is on a mission to illuminate underappreciated and misunderstood cultures, whether it's Myanmar or Detroit. He regularly takes viewers to the sorts…  [more]

A new Noah’s ark? How about a renewed Garden of Eden

Amid an apocalyptic July, in which terrible events evoked the book of Revelation, it was comforting to see the book of Genesis figure in the news on at least two occasions. On July 7, the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Ky., opened to the public. And on July 17, the Iraqi marshlands, which lie at the confluence of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers and are thought by many scholars to be the location of origin for the…  [more]

A Christian defense of Brexit

As I consider Brexit — Britain’s decision to leave the European Union — my thoughts center on the EU’s nature as a utopian political project.  The European Union is the world’s only functioning supranationalist entity. The EU nations, in the interest of realizing peace in Europe, are ceding significant sovereign powers to supranational EU institutions that function above the…  [more]

Religion’s relevance – in foreign policy and the public square

In an April speech at Rice University, United States Secretary of State John Kerry stated that understanding religion is essential to American foreign policy. Recognizing the shifting global landscape, Kerry said, "The more we understand religion and the better able we are as a result to engage religious actors, the more effective our diplomacy will be in advancing the interests and values of our people." It is…  [more]

The wobbly theology of Obama’s Hiroshima speech

On Aug. 6, 1945, Col. Paul Tibbets piloted an American B-29 bomber over the southern edge of of Japan. The plane, named “Enola Gay” in honor of Tibbets’ mother, carried in its belly one of the most fearsome weapons ever unleashed on humanity. When the ash and fire finally settled in the city of Hiroshima, an atomic bomb ironically named “Little Boy” had killed 80,000 people.…  [more]

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