Cell Phone Challenge

Jerod Clark

November 12, 2008

I don't know about packed full of non-believers. But if we don't have at least some then we don't really have relationships that might lead to evangelism. Facebook friends and cell phone contacts are shorthand for relationships. I think that they are a good reminder that we need to be intentional about not being in a Christian only world. Personally it is too easy to do, I work out of my house with Christian organizations, go to church and barely know my neighbors. But with my wife we are trying to be intentional about building relationships with several of her co-workers. We get together with them socially about 2 to 3 times a month and I am facebook friends or have on my cell phone about 6 people that I regularly pray for and seek out ways to share the gospel with. That is the real key. Are we sharing the gospel.

November 12, 2008

Good point. I am the co-pastor of a small congregation in Brooklyn, NY. It is a spanish speaking church that is populated by low income immigrant families who barely get by every month. They are not very interested in technology, so I don't have access to their cel phones and/or facebook accounts. What this means, is that the majority of my contacts in Facebook and on my cel phone are full of non-Christians. I think it's very important that we keep our brethren extremely close in touch, after all, we are a community. But it's equally important to build relationships with unbelievers to share the light of Christ.<br><br>I don't think we need "another" challenge. If we are Christ believing individuals with our thoughts constantly in the scriptures, we should know that evangelism is one of the most important mandates given to us... and frankly, the best evangelism tool is making a friend.

November 12, 2008

Thank you for the challenge. I will seek God about how I can reach out more to my non-Chrisitan co-workers. I know that I have to use wisdom at work but I can pray for opportunities. As a matter of fact, I had the oppt. recently to witness to a coworker who was wondering about why some of us felt so strongly about Prop. 8. I gave her my own reason as I couldn't speak for others who were voted Yes on Prop. 8. Thanks again for the challenge.

November 13, 2008

Hmmm - it's a tricky one. And, as noted in other comments, it does depend on whether or not the people you are aiming to reach are people who use technology. I would suspect that your mobile phone address book is a better reflection than facebook - being linked to someone on facebook is less of a strong connection than having someones mobile number. <br><br>All these things are indicators, but they don't necessarily reflect the whole truth. But I think it's definitely a good way of starting a "personal audit".

November 13, 2008

Sheesh, I live in Europe which is like 2% believers. I'm happy if there are any <i>believers</i> in my address book! Believers are so cool and unbelievers are also neat. What's the biggie which demographics my address book contains?

Elizabeth K
November 13, 2008

Maybe an address book can give ourselves some feedback but it certainly shouldn't be our goal. There seems to be some ungrounded fear of Christians toward Non-Christians. Somehow we think that we can only befriend them for the sole purpose of "witnessing" to them; by witnessing, I mean asking overused questions such as, "Can I lead you in the sinner's prayer?" Non-Christian friends don't want to feel like we have ulterior motives for our friendship. Sure, we don't have to marry Non-believers, but maybe we should start enjoying the company of sinners just as much, if not more than our religious cliques - you know, sort of like Jesus.

November 14, 2008

I work in an area where most of the people I deal with are active duty military or retired military and they don't talk much about Christ or God. So, I wrote a book and just the idea that I wrote a book for Christians has brought some to openly talk about God. Then as always I get surprized by some who I thought would never open up; start to talk about their connection to God. I'm not saying that everyone needs to write a book, but sometimes if you have a bible, just leave it on your desk at work. You will be surprized at how many people will ask you about it. In God's Grace John

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